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The penultimate “True Blood” episode of the season, unlike the Emmy Awards it aired against, was a bit of a snore.

Bill comes storming into Fangtasia because he senses Sookie is there and in trouble, but Pam awesomely takes care of him with ease. Love her. While Pam is busy spraying Bill with loads of silver, Eric’s little Russian fling from the premiere episode randomly breaks Sookie out and helps her escape. Under questioning, Pam reveals that Sookie was supposed to be a gift to Russell. As Sookie and Bill drive back to Bon Temps, Sookie announces that she’s basically over all of this vampire drama. Considering all the crap she has to go through, I don’t blame her. The sex can’t be THAT good.

A Sookie-less Eric goes to Russell to confront him about the murder of his parents. Russell, by the way, is still holding the glass jar o’Talbot guts. Which is perfect. Eric offers Russell daywalking, presumably by giving him Sookie’s blood. The two vamps manage to intercept Bill and Sookie on their car ride home and bring them back to Fangtasia. Eric (and Bill) convince Russell that he will be able to walk in the sun if he drinks from Sookie, but he’ll only go if Eric goes first. They both feed from Sookie and Eric demonstrates his daywalking ability via the Fangtasia security camera, and while he is fine for a few seconds he quickly starts smoking. Once Russell is lured out, a quickly immolating Eric handcuffs Russell to himself so they can meet the sun together. Eric, nooooooo!    

Lafayette and Jesus are down from their V high, but an ecstatic Jesus wants to do it again right away so he can see his “people.” Lafayette is against it, especially after seeing a vision of Jesus as some kind of crazy monster while they aren’t under the effects of the drug. No lie, it scared the crap out of me, too. Watch out, Lafayette! That cute exterior is hiding something majorly weird. Later, Lafayette goes to Wonderfalls. Tell Jaye I say hi!

Now that Crystal has shown her true nature to Jason, she now has to explain to him exactly what a werepanther is and how it works. A befuddled Jason thought Crystal’s only problems were that she was a meth dealer’s daughter (and perhaps a shoplifter) but this goes above and beyond. Jason then finds out that cocky QB he’s been sparring with is on V, as is half of his school. This is…random, pointless and boring. A bad storyline trifecta! After meeting with the hopped-up QB, he goes back home, tells Crystal he loves her and agrees to go back to Hot Shot with her.

Jessica and Hoyt are hot and heavy again, but not quite the hugs and puppies couple they used to be. You see, Jessica has tasted human blood and cannot go back to living on TruBlood alone. She confesses to Hoyt about the trucker, and he offers up his own blood to her so she won’t have to hunt. And she accepts. After their reunion we learn that Hoyt’s mother is in cahoots with Summer to keep Hoyt away from Jessica, and they aren’t giving up yet. I mean, Summer showed him her best underwear and everything! They’re practically married.

Sam is on a bad memory bender and goes to Merlotte’s, burning bridges left and right with his employees and patrons alike. I feel like this self-destructive streak needed a bit more buildup, as Sam is generally one of the most stable residents of Bon Temps. Then he and Tara have sex, because that’s a couple the audience was dying to see be revived.

Holly the witch takes Arlene out into the woods to brew up a concoction Arlene can use to end her pregnancy. Holly warns Arlene that if the spirit was meant to be born, there is nothing they can do about it. In fact, Arlene has all of the signs of a miscarriage but the fetus survives. If Arlene has Rosemary’s Baby next season, I’m out. I mean it.

Also in this episode: Tara was there, but she was crying and at this point my brain blocks out all instances of Tara crying. ENOUGH. (I will say that Andy Bellefleur gets a nice moment in explaining to her his regrets over Eggs’ death.)

Random thoughts:

  • Eric and Pam are totally my OTP. Their relationship is so fabulous.
  • This episode was a bit of a letdown, considering it was the penultimate one of the season. I mean, was Jason and the druggie quarterback really necessary at all? Here’s hoping they manage to pick things up for the season finale in two weeks.
  • Love the “In Memoriam” tribute to all of the bloody, disgusting killings that have taken place on the show. Timely and gross!

Favorite quotes:

  • “This is not just about your relationship, you infatuated tween. There’s a bigger picture.” – Pam, to Bill
  • “My, oh, my. To lose the one man I ever loved because you miss your Mommy and Daddy, well that is a kick in the pants.” – Russell, to Eric
  • “You know I love you more when you’re cold and heartless.” – Eric, to Pam
  • “It’s fairies. F***ing fairies. Who knew?” – Russell

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler