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There is much moving and shaking on “True Blood” this week as the season’s story arcs become a little clearer, and did I mention the Nazi werewolves? Because yeah. That happened.

Bill picks up this week fighting multiple weres and winning handily, until the Vampire King of Mississippi (Denis O’Hare) shows up — on horseback! — to stop the fight. I must mention that the main were is named Cooter, which, hee. (And as someone who grew up in Citrus County, FL, it is my duty to share this with you. You’re welcome.) The King brings Bill back to his mansion, where it appears he’ll be staying for a while at the King’s request. Or as the King’s hostage. Semantics. The King’s goal? To marry the Queen, and he wants Bill’s help, as he seems to think Bill is under task from the Queen already. Hmm. They are having an only mildly contentious dinner when Lorena shows up and Bill throws an oil lamp at her, completely engulfing her in flames. Whoa!

Meanwhile, Sookie goes to Eric with news of Operation Werewolf. She and Eric have A Moment where he shows some actual emotion towards her continued well-being and she definitely takes notice. While Bill is away will Sookie and Eric play? I’m not so sure, but when Eric shows up at Sookie’s house and very convincingly asks her to invite him in for protection and other various nighttime activities, I can’t understand how she doesn’t say yes. Eventually, Eric detects a disturbance inside and Sookie acquiesces, letting him in only to for him to find a wolf in her house. Bring it!

Besides the scenes with Sookie, we also got an Eric flashback this week: Germany, 1945. Eric and Godric impersonate S.S. officers in order to track down werewolves…which turn out to be Nazi werewolves branded with the same mark as the weres who kidnapped Bill. So, really? They’re really going with Nazi werewolves? Interesting. Later Eric explains this were clan goes back way further than World War II, and is a highly trained force that is super strong because they feed on vampire blood.

Jessica gets a moment alone with Pam and uses it to ask her how to feed off a human without killing them. Apparently, vampires close their eyes and think of things like baseball and dead grandmas in order to keep themselves from going all the way. Or, in Pam’s case, kids with soggy diapers and maggots. Yum! Later, Hoyt tries to make things right with Jessica but she rebuffs his advances, mostly because there is a rotting dead guy in the floor of her house that she doesn’t quite know how to dispose of. You know, typical relationship issues. The only problem? The guy in the floor is gone, and Jessica isn’t the one who moved him.

Lafayette finds Tara in the midst of swallowing the medicine cabinet and forces her to throw up all of the pills, then he performs his own little Scared Straight program by taking her to a mental hospital to visit his mother. Lafayette’s point of the journey is to show Tara what she could become and encourage her to stay away from the darkness that runs through their family. His other point is to meet his mother’s very hot nurse, Jesus (Kevin Alejandro). Later, at Merlotte’s, Tara befriends a new mysterious vamp (James Frain), and all we know about him so far is that he broke into Bill’s house and found a secret file filled with information on Sookie, potentially stole Jessica’s dead trucker, and he’s a Brit who likes fancy shoes.

In this week’s episode of The Jason and Andy Comedy Hour, they go to Merlotte’s and Jason has a few too many drinks, so Andy offers to drive Jason home. On the way back from the bar Andy gets a call to go out to neighboring town Hot Shot (!!!) because they are busting a meth lab. Jason tags along and, after following a random beautiful girl through the forest, manages to apprehend the suspect himself. Also:
Calvin Norris!

Sam was right about Tommy Mickens being his kin, and finally meets his birth parents and finds out they gave him away because his mom was 16 and his dad was in prison. Only his mother is a shifter, so they weren’t sure he would turn out to be one. Sam’s brother, Tommy, is also shifter and an all-around unpleasant dude. Also, he’s L.J. from “Prison Break”! Tommy is a bit of an angry bruiser, hence his shifting animal being a pit bull to Sam’s collie. Hee!

Random thoughts:

  • Anna Paquin got a fun little line imitating Bill’s delivery of her name, and she made the most of it. There are just so many fun ways to say “Sookehhhh.”
  • It was wonderful to see Godric. The relationship between Eric and Godric was one of the more compelling things about the latter half of season two, and it’s nice to see them together again. Here’s hoping we get many Godric/Eric flashbacks in the future.
  • There are so many intertwining storylines right now that it is difficult to keep everything straight, but that’s what makes this show so much fun. There’s always constant stimulation.
  • I hate that Sam still seems like he’s in his very own show. Will his storylines ever come together with the goings on in Bon Temps?
  • So, book readers, I am VERY interested to see if that file on Sookie in Bill’s house means what I think it means. Are they going to go there? I sure hope so! (Let’s keep this thread spoiler-free please! Talk about this as vaguely as possible. Thanks!)

Favorite quotes:

  • “You’re about to get deader, dead-a** m*****f*****.” – Cooter
  • “Cooter? Seriously?” – Bill
  • “Please don’t do that. It makes me feel disturbingly human.” – Eric, in response to Sookie’s tears
  • “There’s werewolves? Holy s***. Bigfoot, is he real too? SANTA?” – Jason
  • “Oh I’m not leaving. You’re going to invite me in so I can protect you, or have passionate primal sex with you. How about both?” – Eric

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