true blood season 5 'True Blood' recap: Blood Sweat & WeresWith Faerielande vulnerable and Jason out of commission, Sookie and the Fae fight Russell and Steve. Or rather, they shoot Russell full of fairyfarts and Steve zooms off into the night, and then Eric and Nora show up just in time for Russell to die the True Death.

With Nora obsessing on Sookie-as-snack, Jason wakes up with a giant knot on his brain and ongoing hallucinations of his parents yelling at him to kill all vampires. Luckily, that’s what Eric wants him to do: Tara, Sookie and Jason accompany the Godric Twins for a full-on assault on the Authority to save Jessica and Pam — as well as Bill, of course, from his Lilith craziness.

But you know who’s just fine with the Lilith stuff? Old Bill Compton, who takes all episode manipulating Salome into accidentally killing herself so that he can become vampire Jesus once and for all. After an entirely sympathetic speech about his entire character arc over five seasons leading directly here… He does. The season’s last image is a blood-drenched Bill, reborn as something feral, with Eric and Sookie in flight.

…Which is the only real conclusion you get, from any of the storylines. After a lot of plotty sneakiness, Luna skinwalks into the form of absent Steve Newlin — only to be shanghaied into a mea culpa for the frat house massacre on live TV. Of course, she breaks down and flips back into herself (and possibly death) just long enough to put both the Vampire Apocalypse and maybe Shifters on shout.

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