true blood season 5 'True Blood' recap: Eternal SunshineSookie stakes Coroner Mike Spencer, who has just become a vampire, because the Authority has instituted a new policy calling for thirty new vampires in every Area. Jason finds a scroll under her bed that is not in a known language, so they take it to the fae, where we learn that it’s a magical contract promising Sookie to that ghost-head that yells at her in the bathroom? So I guess she’s getting ghost-married now.

Bill kills Molly in some kind of loyalty move, and then doses Eric and Nora with more Lilith blood so that they can hallucinate Godric being killed by Lilith. Does any of that make sense? No it does not. But Eric’s now apparently part of the Sanguinistas (he is fooling!) — and a weird d�tente with Russell doesn’t make his position any less scary than it was last week. Northman’s going through a lot, is what I’m saying.

Russell and Newlin eat an entire frat house, pledge some kind of love for each other, and eventually go cray-cray in separate ways: Steve verbally abusing Emma for assuming her human shape, while Russell’s declaring war on the Boys and maybe even the Authority itself, if it ends up standing between him and delicious faerie blood. (He also comes up with the excellent plan of synthesizing it, now that all the TruBlood factories are gone.)

Pam and Tara contemplate their various orders from Sheriff Elijah, but when it comes down to possibly getting split up, Tara unceremoniously takes him out. It’s really sweet, actually. Fangtasia!, as well as Merlotte’s, are pretty much empty at this point, so there’s a real loneliness to almost everything going on.

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