true blood season 5 'True Blood' recap: Everybody Hates SookieNot as smoothly or beautifully written as last week’s, but in terms of twists and pivots — we’re at the 4/5 point in the series where everything changes every season, and you can really feel it here — this season is shaping up to be seriously, wonderfully promising. Still not sure what the overarching thing is, yet, but what’s happening so far is gold.

Pam saves Tara from her cliffhanger UV suicide, of course, and finds Bill and Eric waiting for them when she gets back to Fangtasia! But the reunion goes sour when Eric (by process of elimination) assumes Pam dug up Russell for some reason. Of course she didn’t, but in the end — and it’s the most moving thing you’ve seen on this show since Godric met the sun — he Releases Pam as her Maker, since he’s not expecting to live much longer. Bill has his own sweet goodbye with Jessica, and Pam asserts this really beautiful new responsibility and affection for Tara, and it’s just great all around.

Tara convinces Bill that Sookie is the worst, and the whole town quickly follows suit now that Tara’s new vampy style is common knowledge. So now pretty much her whole life is back to what it was like before Bill, and she’s back to being the village idiot. And then Lafayette randomly gets so pissed and mean that he demon-face curses her car to kill her. In case you were wondering if Demon-Face Lafayette also has magic powers, the answer is yes.

Alcide tells the Pelts that Debbie was killed by Marcus Bozeman, which is awesome, but Sookie’s already run to Jason and tried to get herself arrested. In the end, Jessica glamours Andy out of pursuing the case further, but in a really awkwardly worded way where it seems like there will be further consequences. Back home, a very drunk and shellshocked Sookie narrowly avoids killing herself in her car before finding herself astraddle a lovesick Alcide Herveaux. Of course, Bill and Eric watch all of this go down and Bill decides to use her as Russell-bait, and it’s kind of delicious.

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