true blood season 5 'True Blood' recap: Gibbon's Decline & FallTurns out the whole Russell Hunt was really just about leading the Chancellors to Russell, so after a brief tussle with some of his werewolf henchmen — including Marcus’s father and the new leader of the Shreveport Pack, JD — the Authority SWATs immediately arrive and take over. They eat all of Russell’s food people that are left, and plan on killing Sookie and Alcide until Bill and Eric promise to glamour them, with sad and sexy results.

Bill’s glamour spell — that Sookie forget he and Eric ever existed, and that she return to the sun forevermore and just be “normal” — doesn’t take at all, while Eric gives Alcide a little taste of V for his wounds before glamouring him to keep his hands off Sookie. Next morning, a sad — and outstandingly awesome, even for this season — Sookie helps Alcide remember their adventure, and he goes off to challenge JD for Packmaster, picking up some sassy tail in the process.

Sam and Luna survive their shooting, and little Emma shows up with Martha Bozeman in tow, still being a total class act. Against maybe her better judgment, Luna decides let Emma stay with Grandma for a while until they figure out who’s gunning for shifters. Andy eventually agrees to help Sam track down the killers, considering he’s one of the few humans that even knows what shifters are, and this eventually leads them back to one of the ringleaders: That dirtbag dude who owns the anti-supe weapon shop, whom Sam takes out with a crossbow and some worrisome anti-human rhetoric.

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