true blood paquin moyer skarsgard 'True Blood' recap: Goodnight Noises EverywhereIt’s Jason’s first full moon, so when Sookie finally tracks him down he’s handcuffed himself to the bed. Hours later, Alcide finally informs her that you can’t even get turned into a were — it’s strictly genetic — but by that time Jason’s off getting a flirty and wise pep talk from Jessica, and Sookie’s more concerned with Eric’s whereabouts anyway…

Because her first kiss with him was interrupted a couple of seconds into the underwear level by old King Bill, who arrests Eric for being Eric and then ****s around with the idea of killing him. He even goes so far as to get permission from Nan and the AVL, but the 100% adorableness of Eric’s last-minute Nermalling proves too powerful even for Bill’s dorky agenda, and he lets Eric go. Then Eric and Sookie **** in the forest for about ten years while Bill listens to Neko Case and acts ridiculous.

Also set free thanks to Eric’s total adorableness is Pam, who makes a beeline for Tara’s throat, since Lafayette’s in Mexico and Marnie’s still locked up in Billtanamo Bay. Tara’s having a good night, considering Naomi drove all the way to Bon Temps to break up with Toni, have weird sex, and then hook back up, with Tara this time. Hope she lives through this latest Pam attack, but then, I guess you don’t really date Tara for longevity.

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