true blood season 5 'True Blood' recap: Let's Boot & RallyJason and Andy wake up naked on their various home couches, Jason rocked by the revelation that his parents were killed by vampires (which connects with his sexual abuse stuff in a bizarre, awful dream) and Andy unfazed as usual… Even when Sam admits that he’s a shapeshifter and that’s why his buds are dead. Which, on that note, only Emma seems to survive the major shooting spree that takes out both Sam and Luna, which seems to me to be perpetrated by the Fellowship, who — based on their “generic African-American presidential-looking” masks — one must admit are probably feeling a little wayward at this point.

Alcide and Sookie’s lovefest is interrupted by A) her barfing and B) the Boys showing up, since Alcide and Sookie are actually the main point of the Russell storyline. They spend the whole episode — this was cool in effect but I can’t figure out how to say how cool it was — sorta remote-controlling this one contractor employee of Alcide’s who was glamoured into letting Russell free. Probably this was Salome, although the show cutely thinks it’s Nora — whose terrorist hardcoreness continues to make her one of the coolest people this show has ever come up with — but either case, the episode ends up unexpectedly with Sookie and her three boyfriends, plus Doug, uncovering the still-very-ratsucking Russell… Who abruptly turns the tables on all of them in a way that is not entirely clear.

…I just want to talk about Tara! Okay, so what else happened. Jason and Andy investigate the shifter thing and talk their Cassandra way out of even caring about faeries, as per, and Sam and Luna get shot, I already said that. I guess that’s what was going on there. Everybody says that stuff is just whatever, but it really is a huge part of the show and the episode was divided up in a pretty equitable way, really, so now … No wait.

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