true blood paquin moyer skarsgard 'True Blood' recap: Nan Flanagan: Certified First ResponderAntonia is freaked out by the bloodshed and horror that Marnie’s four Sheriffs perpetrate on the Tolerance Thing, which helps when Sookie finally jumps between Eric and Bill at the last second and uses her faerie powers to remove all the various curses on Eric. You can tell instantly that he’s back, which is awesome; Nan saw her do it, which might end up being just as big a deal.

While Nan’s Glamour Squad is wiping everybody within the vicinity of the hotel, and Marnie takes her new two vampire slaves back to the Emporium, Eric and Sookie have a little meeting about their relationship, how both Erics are real things, but also how Sookie’s still in love with Bill. Mostly it is just a relief to have Real Eric back.

Terry takes Andy out for some Bellefleur rehab, putting him in a treehouse and then forcing him to walk home. After some pretty intense Smeagol conversations, Antonia tries a similar maneuver with Marnie, whom she now realizes is having a sad-nerd Columbine meltdown that has nothing to do with justice, but Marnie somehow gets her back onboard with that same speech she gave Tara.

Over on the shifter side, Alcide brings Tommy to Sam and they watch him die; it is very sad, but also not that sad, considering he died doing exactly what he was born to do and that he basically committed suicide weeks ago anyway. (Although this exchange was beautiful: “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” says Tommy, and Sam rightly snorts, “That is so ****ing sad.” True, and true.) Sam gets revenge-face and heads over to find Marcus, but the Packmaster is busy finally making his move on Debbie, so Sam settles for one of the other werewolves that killed his brother. Frankly, the awful way that Marcus says words has become so excruciating that it’s worth getting it over with already.

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