alexander skarsgard true blood 'True Blood' recap: Regarding EricYou know, that might be the most charming, delightful episode of this show we’ve ever had. Smart, whipsmart, but also very human in a way that doesn’t seem winky or silly, but also sexy, but also, like, wise. There’s a wisdom. So Eric, amnesiac, sniffs the faery blood on Sookie and attacks, but eventually she breaks his nose and he snaps out of it and back to being freaked out and vulnerable and sweet and scared: Something about the witches, stealing his memories, and then him just wandering around with no shirt on. Sookie feels bad enough to take him home with her, as long as he doesn’t bite her.

Thanks to Russell — and a cheesy ACORN Expos�-type Teabagger video of a vampire surprised in the act — Bill is now forced to condemn vampires to death just for being bad PR. Oh, and Portia finally invites him to **** her, and then once in bed to bite her, and as ridiculous and silly as Bill and Sookie always were, it’s still kind of sad to watch him with another human lady.

Bill and Jessica’s relationship, over the last year, has blossomed into something really special. She goes to him for counsel about having fang-cheated on Hoyt, and they are super sweet, and she eventually comes clean. But before Hoyt can even get properly pissed about it, she starts glamouring him, and things get really gross, really fast. Also, that creepy baby doll from last year keeps showing up in their house, so finally Jessica gives it to Arlene’s devil baby so they can be creeps together.

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