true blood season 5 'True Blood' recap: Russell's Retroactive RetirementSo great! So crazy and chaotic! So funny and spooky! Let’s see: Russell’s reverse-execution of Guardian Roman opens up a power vacuum in the Authority which he — along with Salome, who’s obviously been a mole the entire time — gratefully fills. After a quick speech about how Russell’s okay now and Salome is a Fanguinista, there’s a ceremony to down Lilith’s Blood, after which the Authority and the Boys go into some kind of ecstasy trance and roam New Orleans eating entire karaoke bars…

At which point Lilith seemingly appears, reincarnated in the form of a naked bloody lady who makes weird noises, and drives them all even more insane. In fact, only cool-as-a-cucumber Eric (with a little help from Godric’s ghost) seems capable of pulling himself together at all. But Bill? Leans into it with an adorable �lan, even climbing onto Eric’s back at one point for a little piggyback ride down the street. (Probably the best in an episode full of great moments.)

When Lettie Mae shows up to officially disown Tara, who is now a vampire stripper, she’s thrown — until a tearjerking show of support from Pam of all people helps her get herself back on track. Less stable, on the other hand, is Hoyt Fortenberry, who ends up joining the Obama guys after they rally up on hearing about Sam killing that gross Stake House guy.

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