true blood paquin moyer skarsgard 'True Blood' recap: The Princess In Another CastleThe deal on the Devil Doll and Mikey is partially basically explained, after another run-in between Lafayette and that singing lady Mavis: She was having an old-timey affair with a married white guy, and he killed their baby while she was off getting him that doll to play with, so she’s sort of a Llorona ghost figure that’s fixated on the new baby in town (wild guess is that it has something to do with Arlene’s botched witch abortion last year). She possesses Lafayette and steals Mikey right out from under Arlene and Terry’s noses, stealing Andy’s gun while in the Bellefleur home.

Jason pushes Jessica back into Bill’s foyer, and she immediately attacks. Only by the grace of the witches taking a kombucha break do they survive, and after a passionate and immediately retracted kiss, he dutifully silvers her again and heads home. Before dawn, she’s had a pretty scary dream about murdering Hoyt and running off with Jason, but the reality — Hoyt rescinds her invite when her worried gestures toward separation cause a rerun of their fight he can’t remember — is almost uglier. She heads over to Jason’s, where he is feeling awful about the kiss, and he ends up rescinding her invite to his place as well. Poor Jessica, guess you have to go live with daddy for a while.

While the town reels from the one dead vampire that resulted from Antonia’s big spell — that neighbor lady of Maxine’s — the less great stuff about New Eric finally comes to the fore: He’s still amoral, pretty wild and not entirely sane. This is fine when he’s ****ing Sookie in all manner of positions and blood-sucking situations and weather (with even more hysterically moronic blood-intoxicated love talk than we got with her and Bill in Season One) but no so much once Sookie swears him and herself, newly blood-bonded, to the King’s service for the oncoming Witch War.

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