alexander skarsgard true blood 'True Blood' recap: The Wild & Wonderful Weres Of North LouisianaGiddy on Claudine, Eric leads Sookie — and the commandeered Alcide’s weresmelling powers — quite the merry chase through Bon Temps’s wilderlands, finally bursting into vampire flame in a pond. Once he’s sobered up off the fairy blood he realizes that’s probably the last time he’s going to get to go swimming in the daytime, and gets really somber and cute about it, but not even the glint of Former Eric in his eyes when he asks for a cheering-up kiss can quite fool Sookie into his arms. Next week, maybe.

In the meantime, Sookie and Alcide play nice and have their usual friendly nonsexual hugs and long gazes and whatever, because Sookie is 100% the most unrealistic person — on this entire show about werewolves and shapeshifters and witches and Lafayette — and therefore finds both Eric and Alcide absolutely resistible. Particularly when she’s spent most of the day with them running around being naked all over the place. (Our friend Michelle had never seen the show before and she was like, “I keep wondering why they’re always dropping their pants all the time on this show, but then I realized: It’s because they have to keep turning into animals!”)

Bill (before the bummer realization that he’s the redoubtable Portia Bellefleur’s great-great-great-great grandfather and thus should not be sleeping with her) takes meetings with: Pam, who lies to him about Eric’s whereabouts; Nan Flanagan who rags on him about his anarchist tendencies and the heaviness of the crown and so forth; and finally Sookie, who lies right to his face about Eric’s location. This last is a pretty sad moment, actually, and Paquin acts the hell out of it.

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