true blood sookie 'True Blood' recap: The Year of Magical ThinkingEven for a show that has this many people on it, a great deal happened on this episode of True Blood. Most of it with crummy dumba– music.

In Sookie’s head, she spends about ten minutes in Faerielande. For her subjectively, it is ten minutes of a tampon commercial in which she luckily does not eat their goblin market food. But once she determines that faeries are 100% bul—- and tries to get her Grandaddy “Gary Cole” Earl out of there — pissing in Queen Mab’s cornflakes as she goes — the whole place turns into Beirut and everybody starts looking like nasty elves and it’s just a bad, bad scene. Claudine and her brother help them escape and Earl ages twenty years in one second, which puts him about 19 years after dead.

This part was probably stupid to you, unless you are hip to how faeries operate. Then probably you were like, “Don’t eat the fruit! Don’t piss off Mab! Get the eff out of there!” and nothing was that surprising. If the latter, you were probably amazed at how accurate Faerielande actually was and it turned around from being dumb to being awesome.

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