true blood invitation to the set stephen moyer 320 'True Blood' Season 4 preview: The witches' end game revealed?

HBO released its longest sneak peek from the upcoming Season 4 of “True Blood” thus far. In this “Invitation to the set” featurette, creator Alan Ball and the cast describe the impact of the witches on Bon Temps.
“They are creating chaos all around them,” Anna Paquin, who plays heroine Sookie Stackhouse, says of the witches.
Ball says it’s “all about necromancy,” which Stephen Moyer then explains as “being able to bring something from the dead to life,” followed by a scene in which his character vampire Bill Compton says that if they can control the dead, they can control the vampires. EPIC!
Later, Ryan Kwanten (who plays Jason Stackhouse) says there’s “more blood, more sex.” How’s that even possible?
Watch the video below:

“True Blood” Season 4 premieres June 26 on HBO.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog