true blood season 5 chris bauer 'True Blood' Season 5: Chris Bauer says Sheriff Andy will 'get into some ladies'Chris Bauer plays Sheriff Andy Bellefleur on “True Blood,” and the poor guy hasn’t had a lot of luck in love. That all changed at the end of Season 4, when things started to work out with Holly (Lauren Bowles) and he got busy with a fairy in the woods.

Well, according to Bauer, things are still going well for him in Season 5. Zap2it caught up with Bauer at the “True Blood” Season 5 premiere in Hollywood where he told us that Andy will “get into some ladies.” We asked, “Holly?” He said, “She’s a sweet kind of a small town gal who happens to be a witch. But he’s been exposed to so many weirdos at this point that he’s fine with it.”

We asked him about the plural here. “Ladies?” “Well, maybe I was speaking as Andy and maybe overshooting, but you know at the end of last season, he was that guy who every guy thinks they may be someday, who actually ran into a gal in the woods and they had a thing,” he says. It’s like a supernatural Playboy letter!

We told him that some of our favorite scenes were between Andy and Terry (Todd Lowe) and asked if we’ll see more. Bauer says yes, and that he loves working with Lowe. “Whenever I speak to him, I imagine I’m speaking to Waylan Jennings because he’s from Texas and he’s got the beard and the voice and everything. And I always love those guys.”

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