true blood season 6 the sun sookie jason 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 2 recap: 'The Sun' hits the right notes

“True Blood” Season 6 finally hit its stride with this week’s episode, “The Sun.” While many complained in previous seasons about the HBO series’ tendency to deviate into too many storylines, Season 6 is relatively streamlined in comparison and it’s definitely for the better. It’s easy to see how the mystery surrounding the vampire Warlow will tie together Sookie, Bill, Jason, Eric, Pam and Jessica’s storylines, while Alcide, Sam and the rest of the shape-shifting supe population will be faced with whether to come out to the world or remain hidden.

In “The Sun,” the audience learns that Warlow is not the same person as Rutger Hauer‘s character who was driving Jason around in the season’s premiere — or is he? “True Blood” has pulled plenty of fast ones on us in the past, and it wouldn’t be too surprising if Hauer’s character ended up not being Sookie and Jason’s grandfather like he claims. With that doubt in the back of our mind, it was a welcome change to see Hauer have such a big presence this episode. Someone has needed to get Jason in line for several seasons, and it seem like Hauer’s the man to do it. At least he gave Jason a hard time for pouring his heart and soul out to a stranger he just met, and he proved that he’s at least kept an eye on the Stackhouses by reciting Jason’s history back to him.

Whether Sookie and Jason’s fairy grandfather is who he says he is or is someone else entirely, one thing’s for sure: Warlow is a force to be reckoned with. The episode opens with Warlow emerging from another realm onto the bridge where the Stackhouse’s parents were killed, meaning big trouble for Sookie and Jason. Hauer’s character says the Stackhouses are the original fae and thus are royalty, meaning that they also have a secret fairy power that defends them against vampires. They can create a mini supernova using their light, though since Sookie is only half fae she can only do it once before she uses up all of her power.

true blood season 6 nicole 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 2 recap: 'The Sun' hits the right notes

That should be welcome news for Sookie since only last episode she was talking about how much she wants her normal life back. Then again, in “The Sun” she does find a handsome injured half-fairy man on her walk to work, so maybe he’ll help her welcome her supernatural side after all. Speaking of being skeptical in “True Blood,” it’s hard to believe that this new character Ben Flynn, played by Robert Kazinsky, is anything but bad news for Sookie. Could he be a trap placed by Warlow? It would make sense, especially since Sookie had no problem sending him right to the safe haven of the fairies without knowing much about him except that she has the hots for him.

Ben is still a new character, but if he does end up being a good guy, he would be a great match for Sookie. That’s another big strike against him (she has to end up with either Eric or Bill, obviously), but if he can help Sookie come to terms with her fae side so she doesn’t keep complaining about wanting a normal life once a season, that would be for the good of everyone involved.

Sookie and Jason aren’t the only ones dealing with major life developments. Bill starts having visions of vampires being tortured by humans before he falls into a coma-like state. There he finds Lilith — not covered in blood or naked, for once — who tells him a bit more about what he has become in an alternate sunny realm. She tells Bill that a tyrant is rising and heralding the beginning of the end. Could that be Warlow? Or maybe Governor Burrell? Whoever the vampires’ enemy is, Lilith finally answers the question, “Who are you, really?” for Bill. It turns out Bill — and Lilith, for that matter — isn’t a god, but is as close to one as humans and other vampires can understand. As Lilith tells Bill, there’s no god but God.

While Bill is having this Lilith revelation, Jessica is left panicking over her maker’s wellbeing, and calling a “Human Edibles” woman to come feed Bill. While still passed out, Bill sucks all the blood out of the poor woman, thus killing her. Clearly Jessica isn’t as happy with her job of being the person who reins Bill in as she was at the end of the premiere episode. He finally comes to after she says a touching prayer to God asking for the safekeeping of her friends. When Bill is aware again, it’s revealed that the vampire tortures he saw taking place earlier are actually at that point in time, meaning Bill can see the future. And what does the future hold? All of the vampires they know being burned alive in a cell.

true blood season 6 governor burrell 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 2 recap: 'The Sun' hits the right notes

Clearly there’s a lot of pleasantness in store for everyone in “True Blood” this season. At least progress is happening for the other characters in the show, as well as those at “True Blood’s” core. Eric, Tara, Nora and Pam discover that the humans actually have created new weapons that can fight vampires better than wooden stakes — silver bullets that emit UV light, for instance — meaning that Burrell is definitely a cause for concern. Eric tries to glamour Burrell after infiltrating his mansion, but it turns out humans have also developed contact lenses that protect them from such hypnosis. Eric manages to escape Burrell’s soldiers before being taken to “Camp,” and then finds Burrell’s daughter Willa after she had taken out her contacts and manages to glamour her.

In Merlotte’s, Terry and Arelene seemingly put an end to the Patrick storyline by telling his pregnant wife that he ran away with another woman. A group of vampire rights activists find Sam, and a woman named Nicole tries to convince him to come out to the public to encourage other shifters and werewolves to do the same. She doesn’t do a great job of convincing him, but does lead her group back to his home where they see him try to fight off Martha, Alcide and Danielle — and noticeably no Ricky — over who should care for Emma. Though Emma wants to stay with Sam, her grandmother ultimately takes Luna’s daughter away. Then there’s Andy, who tries but fails to find Maurella to get some help taking care of their four half-human, half-fairy daughters.

This episode marks a step in the right direction for “True Blood.” It was fast-paced, concise and moved the show along in an exciting manner. There are still several mysteries left to unfold this season, from who Warlow actually is to Bill’s actual nature to what the mistranslation Nora finds in the vampire bible will amount to, and it seems like there will be plenty of twists along the way as we head to those resolutions.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz