true blood sookie dad season 6 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 5 recap: Sex won't make the pain go away

Poor Sookie. Over the course of “True Blood’s” six seasons she’s lost most things she holds dear, and tonight she learned that her parents, who died when she was young, tried to kill her to prevent her from being turned into a vampire.

Though Warlow did murder her parents, it turns out that he did so to prevent them from killing Sookie to keep her away from him. To make matters worse, her father possesses Lafayette and tries to complete the task that was interrupted by Warlow killing him so long ago. When Jason started having visions of racist versions of his parents (which disappeared just because, apparently), those seemed like extreme versions of the sweet Stackhouses. Not so, as it turns out — and Sookie is down yet another two family members and people who were supposed to love her in a normal, not psychotic way.

At least she no longer has Warlow breathing down her neck and professing his love to her, as Billith has taken Lilith’s progeny under his own control. Their relationship is an interesting fold to this storyline. Because Warlow is both vampire and fae, his is the blood that the vamps need to replicate to allow to walk in the sun. God’s prophecy to Lilith from ancient times is finally coming true, and at no better time.

“F*** the Pain Away” does give us some insight into Warlow and Lilith’s relationship through flashbacks to 3500 BC. Apparently Lilith didn’t know how to wear clothes then either, as she immediately starts having sex with Warlow the moment she sees him, and then proceeds to turn him. We see his vampire nature lead him to murder his family — though Niall is left alive, of course — and thus decide to kill Lilith as revenge. Though he is set up as the Big Bad this season, he could really sort of maybe be a nice-ish guy after all, with Billith being a big propelling force behind all the bad stuff that will happen.

true blood jessica sarah newlin season 6 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 5 recap: Sex won't make the pain go away

Bill’s vision of his friends being locked in Governor Burrell’s camp is coming closer and closer to being a reality. After Tara reveals to Eric that Pam was taken by the Governor’s men, the two of them choose to turn themselves in to the camp in order to infiltrate it. Sarah Newlin, after an ill-fated tryst with Jason Stackhouse, calls the vampire-hunting police on Jessica as well after she came to Jason to find peace with the fact she killed Andy’s half-fairy daughters. That means Eric, Pam, Tara, Jessica, Steve Newlin and Willa Burrell are all being held and experimented on by the Governor.

Though Eric and Tara went in to rescue Pam, she unsurprisingly doesn’t seem to need much rescuing. Finally the spitfire Pam who we’ve come to know and love over the seasons of “True Blood” is back, and — according to her — over the fact Eric released her. She trades information about vampires with a therapist of sorts in exchange for a meal, and even he doesn’t believe her when she says Eric means nothing to her.

That claim is put to the test when Eric and Pam are tasked with staking one another as one of the Governor’s camp experiments. It’s unclear how the former pair will respond to being reunited, as they don’t immediately fight the way Sarah, the Governor and Steve Newlin (who ratted out Eric as Pam’s maker) expected. Hopefully the next episode, “Don’t You Feel Me,” picks up right where this one left off, because it’s definitely one of the most interesting situations of Season 6.

As for Andy and his daughters, he is understandably heartbroken to find them massacred in Bill’s house. One of his daughters lives, and he nurses her back to health with vampire blood. She tells him how Bill was taking samples of their blood and how Jessica was the one to attack them, and his immediate instinct is to hunt down both Jessica and Bill. Holly cautions him against it and says she’ll be there to support him, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if Andy ends up joining the anti-vampire groups after this sad incident.

true blood arlene terry season 6 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 5 recap: Sex won't make the pain go away

Alcide and his father Jackson have a falling out while trying to find Sam, Nicole and Emma, and the two men part ways. That actually ends up working out pretty well for Jackson, who just happens to stay at the same motel where Nicole and Sam were. Though he clearly recognizes the pair, it will be interesting to see if he rats them out to Alcide or lets them continue on with Emma. It’s pretty obvious that the wolf pack is not the safest place for Luna’s daughter to be. As for Nicole, she clearly isn’t happy about the sex she and Sam had last episode, yet another instance of “f***ing,” as the episode title says, not making the pain go away.

Then there’s Terry Bellefleur, who confesses the fact that he killed Patrick Devins to one of his Marine Corps friends who he invited to Bon Temps and then … asks the man to kill him? Yes, really. This storyline is progressing at a bizarre pace this season and feels like it is missing pieces. Apparently Terry wants so badly to die from his guilt that he is willing to be offed, leaving behind Arlene and their kids? Hopefully this is resolved with a happy ending because we love you, Terry.

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