true blood season 6 episode 8 dead meat 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 8 'Dead Meat' recap: Will Sookie become a vampire?

After six seasons, have we finally reached to the point in “True Blood” where Sookie is going to become a vampire? That’s certainly what the show would like us to think in tonight’s episode, “Dead Meat.” Sookie’s seen the darkest parts of humanity — most recently with her parents — so it’s no surprise that she’s considering becoming a vampire to save her friends now that Bill and Warlow have backed her into a corner.

Will her transformation actually happen? Maybe, but most likely not. It is interesting that we’re having the conversation about Sookie becoming a vampire once again, though. It certainly would make her relationship with Warlow more permanent, but would it change “True Blood” as a show too much? The characters have come pretty far from where they began back in Season 1, but for Sookie to gain the ability to shut off the part of her that is human might transform the show irrevocably.

That’s why it seems unlikely Sookie will actually become a vampire to get Warlow to help Bill. Showrunner Brian Buckner said at San Diego Comic-Con that Season 6 returns “back to its roots,” which means Sookie can’t go all fanger on us. At least we’re seeing the season return back to the good ol’ days in different ways, with Sookie telling Sam she always expected the two of them to end up together (a nice nod to the Charlaine Harris books) and Eric becoming a more villainous character once again. Don’t mess with a Norse vampire’s family, or he’s going to mess with you. It’s no fun for Warlow that he’s caught in the middle of that.

Considering he’s not a giant ball of vampire goo, Warlow doesn’t seem to be dead. Thank goodness, because we’ve already lost enough characters in Season 6. Speaking of which, it’s a bit of a bummer that Terry’s assisted suicide was revealed to Arlene and Andy. When he got killed off, we hoped that he would remain a hero — and victim of his circumstances — in his family’s eyes. Instead he’s a guy who took a cheap way out and left his family behind, even if he did take out a $2 million life insurance policy to ensure their monetary wellbeing. The men she’s fallen for have put poor Arlene through the ringer, and Terry was such a good guy at heart that we wish she didn’t have to learn about his lowest point.

It seems like the increasingly convoluted Sam/Alcide/Rikki/Nicole storyline is finally coming to an end, with Rikki and Alcide fighting over his lies to the pack about Nicole and Sam’s fate. Apparently their short-lived werewolf romance is over, though hopefully Alcide can find a way to live happily ever with his werewolf friends and convince them to not kill every intruder who tries to help them.

As for Nicole and Sam, it turns out they not only love — or “love” — each other, but Nicole is pregnant with Sam’s child. That seems like a pretty dangerous situation for her to be in considering the current state of affairs in Bon Temps, and if Sam’s smart he’ll ship Nicole back home with her mom, baby or not.

Back at the Camp, Jason is stuck being Violet’s plaything since she claimed him as her own last week. Jessica, Tara, Pam and Willa haven’t found a way to get him out of that situation yet, and hopefully Jason is duly terrified at the idea of being stuck with Violet forever. She’ll likely be expendable going forward as Sarah Newlin cracks down on her vampire captives.

Last week we said it was a mistake for Jessica to tell her new fling James about the contaminated Tru Blood, and that proved to be the case in “Dead Meat.” If everyone tells one person about the secret no one is supposed to know, then soon everyone knows. In this case, James spills the beans to Steve Newlin, who in turn gets tortured by Sarah until he reveals that a group of captive vampires know about the Hep V in the Tru Blood. That of course gets everyone in the know in trouble, and they get put in the room where Bill foresaw they would meet the sun.

Noticeably absent from the room is Eric, who Bill clearly saw in his vision. Considering Eric kidnapped Adeline and drank a good deal of her blood, he is likely pretty superpowered. And since he seemingly drained Warlow as well, he hopefully has enough fairy blood to share with all his allies in the Camp so the sun won’t kill them as it otherwise would. After all, Bill saw them meeting the sun, but not dying from it.

Regardless of Eric’s potential good intentions (and we’re inferring a lot about those, since it’s not clear that he’s acting for the good of his friends), it’s nice to see him pissed off and villainous once again. He and Bill are very much at odds now, and he’s shut off his humanity following the death of Nora. Now Sookie’s lost two of her knights in shining armor, so hopefully Warlow can step up when she needs him.

Speaking of people gone villainous, Sarah Newlin certainly has given over to her dark side. In a pretty incredible series of events, she kills Ms. Suzuki after the Tru Blood manufacturer shows up at the Camp. We’ve got to hand it to Anna Camp; she’s arguably the best part of this season.

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz