'True Blood' Season 6 premiere: 5 things to expect in 'Who Are You, Really?'

“True Blood” is returning to HBO on June 16, and there are a lot of questions left to be answered in the new season. Who — or what — is Billith? Is Rutger Hauer actually playing Season 6’s Big Bad? And how long will it take for Sookie to start complaining about wanting a normal life again? Fortunately, we have some of those answers.

Zap2it got an early look at Season 6’s premiere episode, “Who Are You, Really?” and can offer up some teases of what’s in store when Sookie, Eric and Bill/Lilith return in the new season. As this season’s tagline touts, “no one lives forever.” Obviously, spoilers lie ahead.

1. Season 6 picks up right from where Season 5 left off
In fact, the season premiere even backtracks a few pivotal seconds to replay the reveal of Billith rising from the pool of Bill’s blood. What makes this opening scene interesting isn’t the fact we see Billith’s birth again, but whose perspective we see it from.

2. Andy’s fairy babies don’t stick around for very long
The reveal of Andy Bellefleur’s four half-fairy daughters at the end of Season 5 was a shock, but don’t think there will be four newborns that need to be cared for all season. The babies disappear in the Season 6 premiere, but what replaces them comes as quite a shock.

3. It’s not all sunshine and roses for Tara and Pam
Though Season 5 ended with Tara and Pam consummating their season-long sexual tension with a kiss, don’t expect Season 6 to pick up with them going googly eyed over one another. Pam is going through a tough time at the beginning of Season 6, and she isn’t looking for Tara to be her emotional backbone. With that being said, things get hot and heavy between the pair pretty quickly.

4. Someone dies

Maybe “Game of Thrones” has rubbed off on “True Blood,” but this HBO series is also going to include a lot of death this season. One of those deaths comes in “Who Are You, Really?” though it remains to be seen whether that person manages to come back from the grave — or is really dead to begin with.

5. Warlow is revealed
After half a season of build up in Season 5, Warlow is finally revealed in the Season 6 premiere. As for who’s playing him, you’re just going to have to wait and see.

“True Blood” airs on HBO on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz