true blood season 7 episode 9 deborah ann woll hbo 'True Blood' Season 7, episode 9 recap: 'Love Is To Die' as Bill sacrifices himself for SookieWith only one episode left of “True Blood,” all roads lead to Bill and Sookie. But does their future hold love or death — or both?

The penultimate episode of “True Blood” Season 7, “Love Is To Die,” certainly made it seem like there’s no happy ending for the relationship at the center of the show. Bill managed to convince Eric that turning down Sarah Newlin’s blood/the cure for Hep-V was the right decision for Sookie. The episode closed with Bill about to level that same explanation on his blonde Achilles heel.
But the episode also closed with Mr. Gus Jr. seemingly learning where Sookie lives from Eric after discovering Sookie knows Sarah is the cure. Assumedly Mr. Gus Jr. will try to kill Sookie in next week’s series finale to keep his Nu Blood secret a secret. Either Sookie’s two vampire saviors will rise to her defense, or she’ll meet her maker.
Bill seems pretty sure that a life without him is the only way Sookie can have a fulfilling one. But considering she’s a walking death magnet, maybe one final near-death experience will convince him it’s actually better if he stays by her side. Just writing that line gives me a serious case of deja vu, because “True Blood” fans have definitely found Bill and Sookie in this situation before. Maybe this will be the time their fated romance will stick.
As “True Blood” draws itself to a close, true love actually seems to be finding a way. Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica Hamby finally matured enough to be together, and even Jason Stackhouse acknowledged they were meant to be. Lafayette Reynolds seems to have found his dream man in James. Even Ginger got her moment of pleasure with Eric, though that adorable scene climaxed a bit early — pun intended.
If all those characters can find their peace, maybe Bill and Sookie can too. Showrunner Brian Buckner is trying very hard to give every beloved character on “True Blood” the happy ending she or he has earned, and Sookie certainly doesn’t deserve to watch another man she loves die on her behalf. We’ve had enough of that for one season.
How do you want to see Bill and Sookie’s relationship end in next week’s series finale, “Thank You”?
Posted by:Terri Schwartz