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True Blood” brings us one step closer to discovering Sookie’s big secret in an episode filled with blood, violence, vampire politics and idyllic coma dreams.

We last left our intrepid heroine in quite the dire straits, being munched on by her nemesis Lorena. With Bill’s help, though, she manages to get out of her predicament and stake Lorena once and for all. Tara and Alcide show up to help Sookie jailbreak Bill, but a V’ed-up Debbie Pelt catches them in the act. Sookie’s telepathy comes in extremely handy when Tara uses it to take down Debbie…and then Alcide shoots a suddenly appearing Cooter! Dead! Needless to say, Debbie is not a happy camper and vows to hunt Alcide down and kill him.

As they escape in the back of a van, Sookie uses her own blood to help heal Bill. What she doesn’t realize is that the very weak Bill will not be able to control himself, and he viciously attacks her. That’ll put a damper on the romance. Tara goes to check on her and finds her unconscious and chewed upon, so she kicks Bill out into the sun and rushes her to the hospital. Interestingly, the hospital discovers Sookie doesn’t have an identifiable blood type, and her body rejects the O Negative they try to give her so she lapses into a coma. While in the coma, Sookie travels to some sort of magic Victorian hippie land and meets Claudine (who is not at ALL what I pictured from the books, but is still very very pretty) who gives her a mysterious magic hippie drink and tells her that it wasn’t the flood that killed her parents. She then makes Sookie promise that she won’t let Bill “steal her light.” Whatever that means. Back in the real world, Bill shows up and Jason lets him heal her with his blood. When Sookie wakes up and sees Bill by her side, however, she screams bloody murder. As one would do, when a killer vampire was sitting by their side.

Back at the Queen’s mansion, Eric uses Sophie-Anne’s love for Sookie’s cousin Hadley to blackmail her into revealing her interest in Sookie. Hadley knows the secret herself and reveals it to him, but it’s all quiet-like so we don’t get to hear. Tease.

We finally make it back to Fangtasia and Pam, and find her chained up and being tortured/interrogated by the Magister. Eric interrupts with the Queen at his side, and declares his new loyalty to Mississippi. When the Magister goes to arrest the Queen, Russell arrives and pretty much tells the Magister to cut it out. When he doesn’t go along, Russell decides to teach him a lesson by strapping him to the torture table until he pronounces Russell and Sophie-Anne husband and wife. And then he cuts the Magister’s head off.

Sam goes looking for his brother’s dogfight, and ends up infiltrating by shifting into a pit bull. After he lets one of the minions lead him into the pens, he shifts back into himself and takes the guy out. While the fights are going on, Sam releases all of the dogs and breaks everything up. He tells off his parents and offers Tommy a new life with him, and Tommy takes him up on the offer.

Jason is still stuck in his completely random drama of wanting to become a cop without working for it and pining over the mysterious Crystal. He goes to interrogate Crystal’s incarcerated cousin who promises him information if he gets him meth.

Random thoughts:

  • Once again, this would have been a stellar episode without the Sam and Jason stories. The vampire storyline is just so compelling right now that it’s a letdown every time we have to travel off to redneck dogfights or Jason as a lovesick Barney Fife.
  • Can I get an EW for that staking scene? I say this in the best possible way: that was GROSS. And delightful.
  • Joe Manganiello was recently made a regular cast member. Although this cast is way too large, that news makes me happy because he (and his character Alcide) is a fine addition to the show.
  • It seemed so strange to see Sookie in a hospital. Traditional medical healing just doesn’t seem to be the world this show is living in.
  • Favorite moment of the episode? Eric tenderly checking on Pam. Love those crazy kids.

Favorite quotes:

  • “I like you, Hoyt. I want to be your girlfriend. And I really want you to taste my biscuits.” – Summer
  • “How’d you know I was a Tiffany’s girl?” – Pam
  • “Love your place, love the vibe. We must talk franchising later.” – Russell, on Fangtasia
  • “You can dish it out but you sure can’t take it, can you Magister?” – Pam
  • “Let’s see how this plays out, Pam. We can always taunt later.” – Eric

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credit: HBO

Posted by:Carrie Raisler