anna paquin ryan kwanten true blood 'True Blood'   'Sunset' preview: Jason Stackhouse...vampire? “True Blood”is going to make a killer mistake if anyone messes with Jason Stackhouse’s (Ryan Kwanten) mortality.

That’s our human humble opinion, anyway. For weeks we’ve been speculating about how Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) brother ends up in a grave with Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), with all signs pointing to vampire.

How? Either evil monomaniac Bill (Stephen Moyer) would command Jessica to turn him out of spite, or Jessica would resurrect him � la Tara.

We never expected Jessica to sink her fangs into Jason to save his life.

But that’s exactly what Jess proposes in the latest trailer for the Aug. 19 episode (“Sunset”), after Steve Newlin tries to attack Jason and Bill refuses to help.

In other Newlin news, the U.S. government threatens the Authority after obtaining an incriminating video of Russell Edgington and his boy-toy feasting on a fraternity.

Season 5’s penultimate episode airs Sunday on HBO.

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