true blood sookie eric preview 320 'True Blood': The truth about Sookie StackhouseTrue Blood” finally reveals the truth about Sookie’s true nature.

Not 30 seconds into the episode, Bill explains to Sookie that she is part fairy, which doesn’t sit too well with our decidedly non-fae seeming leading lady. The interesting part of Sookie’s fairy lineage is that vampires have been the downfall of the fairy race, because fairy blood is irresistible to vamps. Eric then shows up and lets Bill know he is aware of Sookie’s lineage and wants to know if Sookie’s blood really lets you walk in the sunlight. It does? Huh. Bill explains that it only works for a few minutes, and he and Eric fight a bit about Sookie because That’s What They Do. Sookie asserts to Eric that she doesn’t want anything from him or have anything for him, but when Eric leaves, her face looks a bit conflicted. The dream she has later fueled by Eric’s blood further enforces that she’s not totally immune to his charms. She goes to Eric to understand why she shouldn’t trust Bill, but Eric decides to just make out with her instead of telling. I’m surprisingly OK with that.

Back at Fangtasia, Eric is busy preparing for Russell’s wrath by writing up his will, much to the chagrin of Pam despite the fact that he’s leaving her everything. Pam begs Eric to use Sookie in order to save himself from Russell, but Eric refuses…at first, until he decides to chain Sookie up in the basement for safekeeping. Hmm, what is that Eric up to? Russell is too busy picking up hookers from the 90210 and pretending they’re Talbot and then killing them to worry about Eric right this very second, anyway.

After staking Franklin, Jason and Tara frantically work to cover up their crime. They return to Jason’s house after dealing with the remains and find Sookie staying there, trying to hide from Russell’s werewolves. Sookie and Tara bond over Tara’s trials with Franklin, and Bill leaves Jason to protect Sookie while he’s gone for the day. In his grief over killing Franklin, Jason admits to Sookie that he was the one who killed Eggs…and then he tells Tara! Which is actually pretty freaking awesome!

In the aftermath of beating Calvin Norris within an inch of his life, Sam flashes back to a time where he used his shapeshifting powers for evil and not good. It seems our little Sam used to be a bit of a thief, and once got mixed up with the wrong girl and her very bad boyfriend, and the situation got so out of control he ended up accidentally killing the girl and having to kill her boyfriend. Sam suddenly got a lot more interesting. Why couldn’t something like this have been his storyline this year instead of the deadly boring one with his family?

Speaking of Calvin Norris, instead of taking him to the local emergency room Lafayette does his own healing by giving Calvin V to heal him. Calvin is less than appreciative, and completely disowns Crystal for being involved with those people. Seeing what V does to Calvin, Jesus decides he needs to completely reverse his stance on the drug and do it alongside Lafayette. As soon as they are high, the show takes us on a Trainspotting-esque trip through Jesus and Lafayette’s magical ancestors. Apparently Jesus’ grandfather was a sorcerer. It’s official: no one on this show is actually normal.

Arlene finally fesses up to Terry that the baby is Rene’s, and Terry is as awesome about it as we all expected him to be, saying he wants to raise the baby as his own. Despite Terry’s commitment, Arlene goes to Holly for more information on how to terminate her pregnancy.

Hoyt finally decides he’s had enough of good girl Summer and shows up at Merlotte’s to declare his love for Jessica. She doesn’t respond in kind, and when he leaves Sam’s no-good brother Tommy (who has been coming on to Jessica quite a bit lately) takes matters into his own hands — or, well, paws — shapeshifts into a pit bull and starts attacking Hoyt. Jessica throws him off of Hoyt (like 50 feet, which is crazy awesome) and heals Hoyt by having him drink her blood, which Tommy sees her do from the shadows. Hmm. Interesting.

Random thoughts:

  • Sookie’s blood allowing vamps to walk around in the light for a few minutes very neatly explains why Bill didn’t burn into ash when Tara pushed him out of the back of the van a few weeks ago.
  • A lot of people are learning about the healing effects of vampire blood this week. Is this a well-known thing among humans or not? I haven’t quite been able to get a read on this from the show so far.

Favorite quotes:

  • “I’m a fairy? So f***ing lame.” – Sookie
  • “My people are rapists?” – Sookie
  • “Well, you should know since you’re now his butt-boy.” – Bill, to Eric
  • “Tommy, it’s not respect when your employees think you’re a psychopath.” – Sam
  • “Blah, blah, vampire emergency, blah.” – Pam
  • “Hoyt, I love you too. Now drink my blood.” – Jessica
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credit: HBO
Posted by:Carrie Raisler