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Last week, Philadelphia Eagles player, Todd Herremans, had gotten in some trouble with fans and team management after he tweeted his annoyance at “True Blood’s” “barrage of homosexuality.” 
We could have never predicted that Rolling Stone would unveil a racy new cover featuring Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer entwined with each other and nude soon after. And in the article, creator Alan Ball said that sexually anything goes with his vampires. Also, “90210’s” Michael Steger appears in Sunday’s (August 22) episode to add a new romantic interest for Denis O’Hare’s vampire king character.
At any rate, after Herremans apologized, we asked our readers if it’s possible to be a fan of the show and anti-gay. You responded in droves. 
Here are some of the comments that caught our eye:
Note: Some comments below have been shortened.
No, you can’t be a Truebie and anti-gay
Michael: “No I do not believe it is possible to be both homophobic and a fan of the show… Going back to Todd Herremans comment on twitter, it just goes to show that watching ‘True Blood’ does take an open mind, homophobes will get very uncomfortable because of there ignorance and intolerance.”
TrueBloodLover: “I think that if someone is anti-gay, they shouldn’t have the audacity to complain about ‘True Blood.’ It’s a fantastic show, NOT intended to be exactly like the books (that would be boring) and if people are uncomfortable with what’s covered in the show, they should stop watching.”
Yes, you can be a Truebie and anti-gay
Luee: “I like the show the way it is and personally Alan has to just make sure he can give us another great finale and I am sure any folks who are uncomfortable about the gay characters will overlook the “discomfort.” Does this mean I am pro-gay-marriage? No, I am not. But does this make me ‘homophobic’ or bigoted? No I am not. Am I a big fan of TB? One of the biggest.”
CLB: “Yes, I suppose it is possible as I am still watching but using the fast-forward button more and more as the shows morphs into nothing but a gay porn fest.”
Still a fan, but losing patience:
Rin: “I think you can be both but not really. I think the show has gone a little overboard with the homosexual storylines because in some instances they are pointless and obviously just added fluff on this show. I really wish Ball would stick to the books and how the characters are because there are plenty homosexual, bisexual characters without his add-ons that slow the story to a halt.”
Lenie 321: “Love the show but hate the gay stuff. Whenever there is any gay sex scenes (which is often) I switch channels for a minute or two… As a straight man it is hard for me to watch a male sex scene. It repulses me. I will never be comfortable watching stuff like that. Don’t know how better to say it. Love the show but if it continues down this path, may find something else to watch on Sundays.”

Zappers, which category do you fall in?

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