Christopher Heyerdahl.jpg“Twilight” actor Christopher Heyerdahl will be joining the cast of HBO’s “True Blood.” Yes, it’s his second turn as a vampire, and this is a guy who’s played Bigfoot and Jack the Ripper in Syfy’s Sanctuary.”  Heyerdahl might be the current king of monsters.

According to Deadline, Heyerdahl will play the recurring role of Dieter Braun, an ancient, powerful vampire who plays a
large part in the intelligence of the Authority and especially enjoys
enhanced interrogation. Hey, he’s got that vampy face. One can see why he keeps playing supernatural characters. Heyerdahl played the ancient Volturi vampire Marcus in three of the “Twilight” movies, a demon in “Supernatural” and a wraith in “Stargate: Atlantis.”

He currently co-stars on the AMC drama series “Hell on Wheels” (just renewed for a second season) where he plays The Swede. Heyerdahl will be joining the recently cast hottie Christopher Meloni on “True Blood.”

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