alexander skarsgard naked south pole instagram 'True Blood's' Alexander Skarsgard reads naked on the toilet in the South Pole   See the pic

Alexander Skarsgard has made no secret of the fact that he feels just as comfortable naked as he does clothed. Apparently temperature does not affect that level of comfort, as the “True Blood” star poses nude on the toilet in the South Pole in a hilarious new Instagram picture.

Inge Solheim, a polar guide who has joined Skarsgard on the Walking with the Wounded Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge 2013, snapped a picture of Skarsgard sitting on a toilet, reading while wearing nothing but a pair of snow boots and sunglasses in the middle of the snowy tundra.

” #southpole -30C What are you reading Alex? The script for season 7 of #truebloodHBO ? 🙂 #alexanderskarsgard,” Solheim posts.

The setting bears a striking resemblance to the last time fans saw Skarsgard’s character Eric Northman on “True Blood.” In the Season 6 finale, “Radioactive,” Eric was seen sitting nude in the snowy mountains of Sweden reading a book on a lawn chair when the vampires’ ability to walk in the sun ended. Though his fate is not yet known, it has been revealed that Skarsgard is still a series regular on the HBO drama’s final season.

Skarsgard previously admitted on “Conan” that his father Stellan Skarsgard‘s propensity to walk around their Swedish home naked made him very comfortable in his birthday suit.

“I think, in general, people are slightly more comfortable with nudity in Sweden,” he recalled. “I also come from a family — my dad and especially his side of the family are old hippies and bohemians. I think I was 14 the first time I saw my dad wearing pants.”

“True Blood” returns with its seventh and final season in Summer 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz