chris bauer true blood s4 'True Blood's' Chris Bauer: 'Andy as a portrait of an addict is pretty accurate'When “True Blood” made a year time jump into Season 4, a lot of characters were doing something completely different from when we last saw them in Season 3 and Chris Bauer’s Sheriff Andy Bellefleur was no exception. His V addiction has ramped up Andy’s already-explosive personality.

“As soon as Season 4 opening, it was pretty obvious he was deep into the effects of vampire blood. I think he’s been at it pretty hardcore for awhile,” Bauer tells Zap2it. He laughs as he adds, “I may be testing yours and a lot
of the audience’s patience” with the V addiction storyline.

But Bauer also says (and we agree) that while “True Blood” can be lighter fare, it really is portraying a serious subject matter in Andy’s drug addiction.

“I think for all of the comic book-type action and energy of ‘True Blood,’ some situations are paradoxically pretty deep. Andy as a portrait of an addict is pretty accurate. As is with the case with an addict, it’s got to get really, really, really bad and there’s got to be consequences before you’re going to change much,” Bauer tells us.

“But I think most of those consequences are to himself. For better or worse, he is a guy who has a pretty solitary life. There’s only so many people he can affect,” he adds. “Over four seasons, it’s become really obvious that his solitude is mostly his own doing. He doesn’t really engender himself positively to anybody and it’s in spite of his desire because all he wants to do is belong to something special.”

When we suggest that what Sheriff Andy really needs is the love of a good woman, Bauer exclaims, “I can’t think of anything else that will just wholesale solve his problems.”

We hope someday it’s in the cards for Andy.

The other big revelation involving Sheriff Andy is that Bill, the new Vampire King of Louisiana, is actually his ancestor. So will Andy find out?

“I hope he will find out about it because it’s just one of those moments that would be a shame to waste,” says Bauer.

“True Blood” airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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