Joe Manganiello.jpgWe’re howling with anticipation over the next season of “True Blood.” We’ve got a pretty long wait before we head back to Bon Temps, but some of the stars hit the red carpet for the HBO Golden Globes after party and talked about some of the upcoming supernatural hijinks we’re going to see.

Ryan Kwanten talks about his character’s run in with crazy were-panthers and his creepy girlfriend. He tells MTV, “Jason is hanging onto every shred of humanity as it is, and he was
lucky to survive last season. He was on the brink of death several
times. This season he’s finally becoming a man, I think. He’s got
responsibility in his life. He’s in a position of authority too because
Andy is not doing too well with being a sheriff.” Poor guy. Still, we did have an issue with the handling of Jason’s rape last season. He doesn’t seem to have been affected by it. Here’s hoping it will be dealt with in upcoming episodes.

Carrie Preston, who is currently doing a stint on “The Good Wife” says “He’s definitely there to muddy the waters a little bit. It wouldn’t be
‘True Blood’ if you didn’t have conflict, so I think it makes for a very
interesting dynamic with Terry and Arlene this season.”

Joe Manganiello tells us that we’re going to see a darker side of Alcide. “We’ve seen that he’s a sweet guy; we’ve seen that he’s the kind of guy
that would be great in a relationship. I think that you’re
going to be introduced to a side of him that’s going to slam you up
against the wall and go for it.”

Ooh. Ahem! As long as we see him without his shirt, we’re totally in.

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