Warning: Spoiler alert!
At San Diego Comic-Con, we had the pleasure of speaking to the lovely Kristin Bauer, who plays Pam on HBO’s “True Blood.” So, we took the chance to ask her what it feels like to have been made a regular for Season 3.
“It’s amazing,” Bauer tells Zap2it. “It’s like being invited to the best party ever.”
Currently on the show, the Magister is holding Bauer’s character, Pam, captive and Eric (played by Alexander Skarsgard) has gone to Russell (Dennis O’Hare) for help in freeing her. She tells us that things only get more complicated from here. 
“I didn’t know Pam had an Achilles heel,” she says. “To find out that she can be vulnerable is amazing, but the circumstances that they wrote are so dire that you see her humanity. She almost becomes a little girl. It’s incredible. It’s that dire.”
Bauer says that Pam is pushed emotionally and physically this season. And in the process, we’ll come to find out so much more about her relationship with Eric. At Comic-Con, it was clear that creator Alan Ball has already begun developing Season 4. So, we asked Bauer what she’d like to see for her character in the next season.
“In the books, Eric loses his mind in Book 4,” she says. “And Pam and Sookie [played by Anna Paquin] have to take care of him. And I think that would be a blast.”
During the audience Q&A, one fan asked Bauer whom she felt Eric would choose if he had to pick between her character and Sookie. While she refrained from answering the question during the session, Bauer tells us that we will actually see him make that choice this season.
And finally, we asked her about a little rumor that had been floating around in the media about her extreme attachment to her purse. She has been seen numerous times on the red carpet and then on the Comic-Con panel holding very tightly to it. She found the rumor very funny and let us in on what the purse in question contains.
Aren’t you excited to see what dire circumstances lie ahead for Pam?

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