true blood hbo marshall allman fans 275 'True Blood's' Marshall Allman is preparing himself for the Truebie onslaughtMarshall Allman is no stranger to rabid fans. He starred on “Prison Break” as L.J. Burrows, Lincoln’s (Dominic Purcell) son, and so he has some experience with fanaticism.

Yet, after nabbing the role of Tommy Mickens, Sam Merlotte’s (Sam Trammell) shapeshifting little brother, on “True Blood,” Allman’s first experience with Truebie fandom still startled him.

“I was at a movie theatre,” Allman tells Zap2it. “This guy taps me on the shoulder and I turn around. He says ‘Hey man, congratulations.’ I looked at him — like is my wife pregnant? Why is he saying that? What do you know about me? — And then he is like, ‘I mean for getting ‘True Blood,’ congratulations.’ And I looked at him like holy crap.”

He adds, “I’m not used to that. So, I think from that moment on I knew that ‘True Blood’ fans were a bit different. And like I said, I was excited and simultaneously terrified.”

Since then, Allman has prepared himself for the possibility that there will be some crossover between his “Prison Break” fans and “True Blood.”

“I think I am going to be surprised at how many people who like ‘Prison Break’ also like ‘True Blood’ and also are excited for me to be on the show,” he says. “So, I think once I hit like a Comic-Con or really start making stuff available to the fans, I am going to find out that I do have some fans from ‘Prison Break’ that transferred over to ‘True Blood.’ I think that will be very touching and heartwarming.”

true blood hbo marshall allman sam trammell 320 2 'True Blood's' Marshall Allman is preparing himself for the Truebie onslaughtAnd the Austin, Texas native seems fairly certain that when his character joins forces with Sam Merlotte, the fans won’t be disappointed.

“With Tommy coming on, we are going to take the shifting to a whole other level,” Allman, 26, says. “I think the audience is going to be really surprised just how badass it is to be a shifter.”

He continues, “There has been a little bit of shame around being a shifter [up until now]. I think with Tommy we are going to get the romantic side of shifting a little bit more. I’ll give you this: If we actually work out our issues, we would be one badass shifting team. We can freakin’ take anybody.”

Rumor has it that Sam and Tommy will be making some kind of truce soon, which means he may be flying the dysfunctional Mickens coop and the “badass shifting team” Allman speaks of may come to fruition.

“We shall see,” Allman teases. “That’s definitely a direction we are headed. Let’s see if that’s what happens.”

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