true blood hbo marshall allman 275 'True Blood's' Marshall Allman says Tommy Mickens 'really just wants love'In Marshall Allman’s own words, his character, shapeshifter Tommy Mickens, on “True Blood” is “bad ass.”

From his default bulldog shape to daring TV older brother, Sam Merlotte (played by Sam Trammell), to throw a punch at dear old dad to officially show he’s family, Allman’s words couldn’t be more on point. But according to the actor, Tommy has a softer side, too.

“He really just wants love honestly,” Allman tells Zap2it. “He wants someone he can trust, someone he can depend on, to be like a healthy family. Does he have any idea how that works? Hell no. But does he know how to get what he wants? Probably not, but we shall see.”

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

So, when it comes to family, we hear he may have been getting the wrong brand of love. Will Sam be able to change things with some brotherly bonding?

“We are kind of like oil and water him and I,” says Allman. “But the beautiful thing is we are family. You can’t choose who your family is. It’s like take it or leave it. That’s kind of what we’re facing — whether him and I actually can work out our personality differences or personal issues in order to be a happy family.”

Brotherly love is one thing, but when we asked Allman if he’d confirm rumors that his character was going to move in on baby vamp, Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), he went cryptic on us.

“I ain’t going to deny or acknowledge that rumor,” he says. “But I think every chick on the show should want my character. He’s freakin’ bad ass and he is freakin’ awesome.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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