“True Blood” star Ryan Kwanten, who plays the impetuous Jason Stackhouse, took the hot seat on the KTLA News Morning Show Monday (Oct. 25) to promote his new film, “Red Hill” opening on Nov. 5. 
Zap2it caught up with him after the KTLA appearance when we spoke to him about the film and the unexpected turns for Jason in Season 4 of the HBO hit.
“It’s a throwback to the old-fashioned Westerns – sort of Clint Eastwood sort of style, Sergio Leone – and then putting a modern spin on that,” he tells us of his new film. “It’s like ‘High Plains Drifter’ meets ‘No Country for Old Men.'”
Kwanten plays a cop in the Australian film, who moves to small town for a simpler life. Before he can get settled in, he finds out that there’s a big prison break and a killer who’s looking for payback.
“It’s a good old-fashioned revenge story,” he says. “There’s vengeance, a love story thrown in there — it’s kind of everything you could possibly want in a film.” [Note: Insert Kwanten’s devilish grin here.]
Kwanten returns to shooting on “True Blood” in December, but we had to ask him about his character’s star-crossed romance with werepanter, Chrystal (played by Lindsay Pulsipher).
“I thought it was nice that the sort of rambunctious Jason finally found love,” he says. “It was sort of the one quality that was missing from his life.”
When we last left Jason, he had liberated Chrystal’s cult/kin and Kwanten says he looks forward to seeing how Jason manages his new responsibilities. 
“I think it’s kind of hilarious that he’s not only moving into the world of police enforcement,” says Kwanten. “But he’s also having to take care of a whole village of people and he’s probably the last person on Earth who should be.”
If you missed him on KTLA, watch it below:


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