Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Zap2it caught up with “True Blood’sSam Trammell (who plays shapeshifter, Sam Merlotte) at KTLA News Morning Show right after he revealed the secret of male nude scenes on the show. It’s called “the sock” and, well, we had to flesh it out with him. Pun intended.

We also talked about that notorious dream his character had about Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) – um, you know the one. It was he and Bill in a hotel room…. Yeah, you know the one. We promise there’s a reason we asked about it (as if we needed more than one reason). It links to plot and puts to rest one of the big criticisms that we’re hearing from Truebies about Sam’s storyline right now.

Trammell also gave us a hint as to where his relationship with Marshall Allman’s character, younger brother Tommy Mickens, is leading. By the way, the writers are so good, we’ve already gotten hints!

Oh, and if you’re thirsty for more Sam, he’ll be on E’s “Chelsea Lately” tonight (Thursday, July 1). Otherwise, you’ll have to wait a couple weeks. The new episode of “True Blood” doesn’t air until Sunday, July 11 on HBO.

In case you missed him on KTLA, check out the video below:


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Video credit: Zap2it, KTLA

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