With “True Detective” headed for its season finale on Sunday (March 9), theorizing about the killer, Carcosa and the Yellow King is reaching “Lost”-like levels of intensity.

Never mind all of that, though: The definitive answer about the Yellow King is in the video above. As its narrator explains, “I’ve heard that it might be a member of the Tuttle family. There are some people who think it could even be Detective Marty Hart. But I think the Yellow King might be this big yellow man, dressed as a king, who we’ve seen several times throughout the series.”

The video is very, very funny, but it’s also a spot-on parody of the way fans and reviewers of “True Detective” have been obsessively poring over every shot and line of dialogue. It’s the work of a group calling itself Big Meeting, which includes Onion News Network writer David Sidorov, comedian Rachel Wenitsky “and over 100,000 other people.”

The finale of “True Detective” airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT Sunday on HBO.

Posted by:Rick Porter