true tori reunion special 'True Tori' reunion: Dean writes Tori a song, they're optimistic about their relationshipIn true docu-series format, after shows have finished airing all their taped episodes from weeks and weeks ago, they generally have to have a reunion special and “True Tori” is no exception. Tuesday (June 3), Tori Spelling sat down to unpack the season and what we all just watched the last six weeks.

Tori’s Time

Spelling starts off by saying that people’s reactions to the show have been that she should have left husband Dean McDermott after he cheated, but she says that A) there are the four kids to also consider, and B) she still had love there for Dean, so she owed it to herself to try to work it out.

Tori also says she’s glad she has this series to show her kids when they’re older because she wants them to understand what happened to their family and that they made it through the struggles and came out on the other side.

Dean’s Time

He says the hardest part of the whole experience was when Tori finally opened the floodgates of emotion, which was actually a really cathartic moment for them, but it was quite ugly while they were in the middle of it.

Tori and Dean Together

The big question is whether they’ve been intimate since the show began airing. Tori says she won’t answer that, but she does say they’ve had intimate moments. They also field fan questions and generally just keep reiterating that they’re working on their marriage and this was a big wake-up call, though Tori doesn’t go so far as to call it a “good thing” that happened. But she’s optimistic about their relationship.

The show ends with Dean’s big surprise — a song that he wrote for Tori that includes the line “broken trust for a dance with lust.” Wow. I applaud the sentiment, but … yikes.

What do you think of the “True Tori” reunion?

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