, which is a handmaiden of Dionysus. Finally! Now that Daphne's services are no longer needed, Maryann has a black-eyed Eggs kill her. What a thoughtful handmaiden.

Back in Dallas, Sookie and Hugo are locked in a storage shed in the Fellowship basement.  Sookie figures out someone in the Dallas nest is a traitor and tipped the Reverend off to their impending arrival. The next morning the Reverend questions them and Hugo spills everything, including their full names and that they're there to find Godrick. The Reverend recognizes the Stackhouse surname immediately and goes off to find Jason. Jason's looking doubly screwed, considering he's associated with a vampire sympathizer AND screwing the Reverend's wife. Sookie then "calls" to Barry the bellboy telepathically, telling him her situation and to go get Bill, pronto. While trying to comfort an agitated Hugo Sookie finally sees into his head and realizes that he's aligned with the Fellowship and is a traitor. He was devoted to Isabel until he realized Isabel was just using him and joined the Fellowship in retaliation. Sookie points out that if the Fellowship was so concerned about him they never would have locked him up in the first place. Meanwhile, Gabe takes Jason to the woods to kill him, but Jason overpowers him and starts running. Sarah, informed by the Reverend of Jason's supposed vampire sympathies, tracks him down and shoots him. Gabe makes his way back to the basement and decides to show just what a creepy "Christian" he is by attempting to rape Sookie. Just as this happens, Barry delivers his message to Bill but Lorena forbids Bill's passage. Eric hears the message from his room, however, and races out to Sookie's rescue. Sookie gets rescued, all right, just not by Eric…by Godrick! Awesome sauce. Is anyone else anticipating Eric and Godrick's reunion as much as I am?

At the hotel, Bill senses Sookie's distress and wants to save her, but

Lorena prevents his attempts. She also totally spills that Eric called

her there and is interested in Sookie. Now this is going to get

interesting! We get more Bill/Lorena flashbacks, this time in 1935 Los Angeles where Lorena brings Bill a live human but he is obviously on the path to righteousness (or is that self-righteousness?) and refuses to partake. Bill yells at he for making him lose his humanity and says he will never again be what she wants him to be, and will never love her. Poor, lonely Lorena. Next time maybe turn a willing human, eh?

Also in this episode: Hoyt and Jessica lose their virginity in an extremely cute manner, Tara and Eggs get closer, Andy knows something is rotten the town of Bon Temps but everyone just thinks he's a drunk, Lafayette starts selling V, and Arlene and Terry overindulge in the Maryann frenzy.

Random thoughts:

  • Interesting party games, Fellowship! Jesus Christ: Vampire Exterminator, Silver and Stakes, Send them Back to Hell…probably not sold at your local Wal Mart, I'm thinking.
  • Loved the conversation between Isabel and Eric as they staked out the Fellowship. Eric's obvious disgust at Isabel's peace with watching a human lover grow old was quite amusing.
  • Okay, you guys? You know I love Eric. Now he CRIES over his beloved maker? Great, he's angsty. I am powerless against Eric

    already, and now they add angst? I am such a goner.

  • The look of "Oh, crap" on Jason's face when post-coital Sarah said she loved him more than she ever loved Steve was quite hilarious. It's nice to

    see the old Jason shine through his new religious facade.

Favorite quotes:

  • "If Sookie is hurt in any way because of you, I will not stop until I drive a stake through whatever semblance of a heart you have left." – Bill
  • "It's true: you are in love with a human. That's so tragic it's funny." – Lorena
  • "We could cuddle, if you like? Just don't freak out if I look a little…dead." – Jessica
  • "Excuse you, it says 'Ladies' on that door." – Arlene, to Lafayette
  • "So what you skank hos doing in here?" – Lafayette, in return
  • "Hoyt, just take off your pants." – Jessica

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