downtownabbeyonce eb Tumblr We Love: Downton AbbeyonceTake a quick visit to Downtown Abbeyonc� today, and we promise you’ll have a chuckle. In case the pics don’t demonstrate the concept clearly enough, its mission statement reads: “‘Downton Abbey’ scenes described by Beyonc� / Destiny’s Child lyrics.” And the results are splendid.

Never have stills of Lady Violet‘s stern and smug expressions, Lady Mary’s courtship struggles, or all the “Downtown Abbey” class division drama looked so appropriate alongside modern-day pop lyrics. It’s a clever and hilarious homage to the blue blood prowess of the Grantham family women and the pop powerhouse that is Beyonc�.

There’s always been a major diva element on the series, and we love the way Downtown Abbeyonc� seizes the opportunity. Here are a few of our favorites:

downtonabbeyonce2 eb Tumblr We Love: Downton Abbeyoncedowntonabbeyonce3 eb Tumblr We Love: Downton Abbeyonce 

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady