hipstergameofthrones 1 eb Tumblr We Love: Hipster Game of ThronesThere’s no such thing as PBR, Urban Outfitters or Twitter in Westeros, but that doesn’t matter to our favorite Tumblr of the week: Hipster Game of Thrones. It harnesses the hipster meme and makes us laugh every time (and even more excited for the return of “Game of Thrones” on April 1).

Yes, with the simple addition of photoshopped glasses, pretentious statements and “Game of Thrones” fan humor, any character can convincingly spread the gospel of hipster unaffectedness. And we’ve got to say, Hipster Daenerys definitely looks hot in that oversized eyewear.

Below are a few of the best posts from Hipster Game of Thrones. And don’t worry, we know — you liked “Game of Thrones” before it was mainstream.

hipstergameofthrones 2 eb Tumblr We Love: Hipster Game of Throneshipstergameofthrones 3 eb Tumblr We Love: Hipster Game of Thrones

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady