justin timberlake tunnel vision cover 20 20 experience 'Tunnel Vision': Justin Timberlake's face doubles as nude woman on '20/20 Experience' single cover

The cover art for “Tunnel Vision,” the forthcoming single off of Justin Timberlake‘s “The 20/20 Experience” is raising eyebrows with a visual double entendre.
While JT’s face peeks through a sliver of an opening in an all-white background, it takes a double-take to notice his eyes, nose and mouth are actually the silhouette of a nude woman, nipple and all. The text across the image is referential to a doctor’s eye exam chart.
Marking the third single off Justin’s comeback album, “Tunnel Vision” is set to drop July 15, just as Timberlake and his “Suit & Tie” collaborator Jay-Z hit the road for their Legends of Summer Tour.
Posted by:mchance