Everyone thinks they know a guy who dresses like Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) of HBO’s Entourage, but the guy would have to be snazzier than one might think.
Turtle initially looked as if he did all of his shopping at a New York sporting goods store. But he has evolved as the Sunday night show progressed. And this is evident in the season seven finale, Sept. 12.
“Early on, Doug (Ellin, the series’ creator) wanted every character to be different in terms of how they dress,” Ferrara says. “They’re all blue-collar kind of guys. Turtle is much more in the hip-hop world, big into jerseys and sports teams.”
The show’s costume designer, Olivia Miles, always matches the sneakers to Turtle’s hat.
“We have watched him grow up in the past few years and go back to school and get a serious girlfriend and start a new business,” Miles says. “His look in the beginning was a boy from Queens moving to L.A. and not knowing much besides his sportswear and sneakers and his Yankees cap.”

As Ferrara notes, “I am a Yankees fan – luckily for me.”
“He is learning to not wear a cap all the time,” Miles says. “Definitely when he met his love interest, he starts dressing up a little bit more and losing the hat and the sportswear. His look, his style has tracked with his relationships and (in) leaps and bounds in life.”

Now she sees the character as a mix of “preppy and comfortable, and a little bit of sportswear thrown in there, a little bit of the oversized colorful look from the past. His passion for sneakers will never go away; a lot of the sneakers are limited edition and are special order just for him.”
He wears a lot of Lacoste. His caps are from New Era. He also wears some Nike limited edition.
 Besides Lacoste shirts, Turtle wears hip-hop brands such as Billionaire Boys Club. He’s also wearing pieces from Ralph Lauren. For dressier slacks, Turtle wears Bonobos.
For jeans, Turtle tends toward the classic Levis 501s. He likes shorts and wears Penguin and Ralph Lauren madras shorts.
Miles prefers sweaters rather than jackets on Turtle. She buys Wesc sweaters and likes matching them to his sneakers and cap.
“I wish I had the sense of color Turtle has,” Ferrara says. “I am always scared to walk out of the house” fearing that he’s mismatched.
Many actors enjoy dipping into their characters’ closets, and Ferrara says he’s appreciated some of Turtle’s custom sneakers. He used to dress a lot like his character but matured.
“When I was younger I wore a lot of jerseys because I played sports,” he says. “But once you are 30 years old, you have to leave the jerseys at home – unless you are on a team.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler