vampire diaries one tree hill TV Crossovers: 'CSI Miami' sparks Southern/Tropical hybridsIn honor of the “CSI” triple crossover, we’ve compiled our favorite hypothetical crossover episodes. Since “CSI: Miami” is the first leg of the event, Monday we tackle Southern/Tropical shows.

The “CSI” event starts Nov. 9 in Miami and follows a nationwide human-trafficking case. Laurence Fishburne’s Ray Langston is the only character to appear on all three “CSI” programs.

This got us thinking… what other crossovers would we enjoy?

Crossovers are tricky. You can’t just have Blair Waldorf stumbling into Seattle Grace hospital or Don Draper romancing Bree Hodge. That’s why we’ve come up with some semi-plausible crossovers we’d love to see. Make it happen, networks.

“One Tree Hill” & “The Vampire Diaries”
Set in North Carolina and Virginia, respectively, we don’t think it would be a huge stretch to merge these two shows for one week. Monday night’s “One Tree Hill” features Damon terrorizing Tree Hill, eventually kidnapping Brooke back to Mystic Falls, Virginia and holding her hostage in a secret room in the Salvatore mansion. In Thursday night’s “Vampire Diaries,” Brooke tries to resist but starts to fall for Damon as he lets his guard down. Unfortunately, just as they are about to kiss she is saved by Nathan, Julian and Stefan. We are left with much angst of what could have been between Damon and Brooke.

“Lost” & “Survivor”
In a lighthearted episode of “Lost” (think the golf course or when they fixed up the van), Hurley and Sawyer stumble through the jungle and wind up at a “Survivor” tribe’s beach. Wondering who these mysterious folks are, Hurley and Sawyer follow them… to an immunity challenge. On Thursday’s episode of “Survivor,” our Losties get sucked into the challenge because no one can resist the animal magnetism of The Probst. After their team loses, Jeff makes Sawyer mad at Tribal Council and Sawyer punches him, becoming the first ever person to be kicked off “Survivor.” Hurley decides to stay because that’s how he rolls. 

cougartown dexter TV Crossovers: 'CSI Miami' sparks Southern/Tropical hybrids“Cougar Town” & “Dexter”
We love this idea. They go together like two things that don’t go together very well, so the potential for awesomeness is high. Picture this: Wednesday night’s “Cougar Town” features slapsticky shenanigans because there is a peeping tom skulking around Jules Cobb’s neighborhood. At episode’s end, Jules’ colleague and friend Laurie is found murdered outside Ellie’s house. Bring on the “Dexter” cops!

Sunday’s “Dexter” investigates Laurie’s untimely demise, which turns out to be at the hand of Jules’ son Travis when Laurie caught him peeping at Ellie. In the course of her grief, Jules has a roll in the hay with Officer Quinn. Of course, at the VERY end of the episode Jules wakes up in a cold sweat and it all turns out to be a dream. What? Of course it’s a dream, we can’t have “Cougar Town’s” “slaggy townie” killed off! If “Newhart” can do it, so can we.

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