24 30 rock TV Crossovers: 'CSI: NY' takes us EastThe “CSI: NY” segment of the series’ triple crossover has sparked a list of East Coast crossovers we’d like to see.

Monday we covered the Southern crossovers. Tuesday we brought you crossovers of the Heartland. We can’t fuggedabout the East Coast, so we’re headed for New England.

“24” & “30 Rock”
The eighth installment of “24” has moved to the Big Apple — just in time to do a crossover with “30 Rock.” We think Jack Bauer would make an excellent foil for Liz Lemon. The “30 Rock” crew would provide a bit of levity for those hours (usually 15 through 19) where the initial crisis has been averted but the big push to the final hour hasn’t started yet. Bring on Kenneth, Grizz and Dot-Com.

“Eastwick” & “Fringe”
They couldn’t wait two more days to announce “Eastwick” is canceled? No matter, we’ll write about it anyway. Wouldn’t you love to see no-nonsense Agent Dunham traipsing around after the three hapless and flighty witches? Yeah, that doesn’t actually sound very entertaining. Well then, how about an entire hour of Walter doing weird experiments with Cybill Shephard’s Eleanor? Now that we would watch.

“White Collar,” “Gossip Girl” & “How I Met Your Mother”
We don’t care if it’s completely absurd (and all other plotlines fall by the wayside): We want Neal Caffrey, Serena Van der Woodsen, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky to engage in a wild counterfeiting heist on the island of Manhattan.

“House” & “Mercy”
Both are set in New Jersey, both feature a prickly doctor and both have an annoying brunette who follows said prickly doctor around. (We’re looking at you, Chloe and Thirteen.) What’s not to like? Plus, we enjoy the fact that Cuddy would be SO JEALOUS of Veronica.

“Bones” & “Lie to Me”
This crossover could actually happen. They’re both FOX shows set in Washington D.C. Don’t you think Dr. Cal Lightman and Dr. Temperance Brennan would have a really interesting chemistry, especially with their respective romances lurking around? We’re actually pretty excited about this. Make it happen, FOX!

jon kate sunny philadelphia office TV Crossovers: 'CSI: NY' takes us East“Jon & Kate Plus 8,” “The Office” & “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
Oh, Pennsylvania. We don’t know what would get the Gosselins or the “Sunny” gang to Scranton, but the comedic possibilities of eight children in the care of Michael Scott and Charlie Kelly is too much. As a B plot, we’d like to see Dee and Dennis try to break up Jim and Pam and have Jon Gosselin sleep with Meredith.

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