Five stars: This show is so wonderful I don’t leave home when it’s on for fear my TiVo will fail (you know the contentious relationship we have) and I’ll miss an episode (example: “Lost,” “The Office,” and “Friday Night Lights”).

Four stars: This show is in my TV rotation and will be recorded every week (examples: “Brothers & Sisters” “and “How I Met Your Mother”).

Three stars: I won’t TiVo this show, but if I’m home, I’ll make a point to watch it (example: “Bones” and “Cold Case”).

Two stars: If I’m home and I need to watch something while I’m folding laundry, I’ll watch this show (example: “Las Vegas,” “CSI: Miami”).

One star: If I’m home, I won’t turn on the TV for fear this show will be on (I’m too happy about the new season starting to put a show in this category. Simply insert your most despised TV show here).

Posted by:Amy Amatangelo