davidboreanaz TV Query: Does 'Bones'' David Boreanaz have swine flu?Question: Has FOX’s “Bones” shut down production because an outbreak of swine flu has swept through the set and star David Boreanaz is now sick with the virus?

Answer: No… not exactly.

Has “Bones” shut down production? Yes. Has work ceased because Boreanaz and much of the “Bones” crew has come down with the flu? Indeed.

But there is no indication that Boreanaz’s sickness is swine flu.

How did the rumor get started? Well, this past Thursday, “Bones” creator Hart Hanson tweeted that the swine flu was cutting through the show’s crew like a scythe and writer/producer Stephen Nathan published a message on the subject as well.

Was the whole thing a joke?

No. According to Hanson’s twitter feed, production has indeed been shut down because of a swine flu outbreak, but there is no indication that Boreanaz himself has anything but the standard flu. Hanson says they expect him back on set tomorrow. 

Whether or not Hart’s expected time line for Boreanaz’s healthy recovery is accurate, we of course don’t know just yet.

But, rest assured, there’s no indication that the former “Angel” has H1N1 at this time.

If we hear more from FOX on the subject, we’ll be sure to let you know though.


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