matt bomer white collar jamie dornan the fall Important Netflix news: There's more to watch in January 2015 than 'Friends'

January 1 is about to take on a whole new meaning come 2015. Why? Because that’s the glorious day that Netflix is finally set to stream every single episode of “Friends.” 

Now, thanks to Netflix, instead of going outside and living up to their New Year’s resolutions, people will be hunkered down on their couches watching Joey eat expired food from his fridge and Phoebe talking to her grandma via a cat.

But what should people watch when they’re done laughing at Chanandler Bong’s jokes and rolling their eyes at Ross’ absurdly neurotic mind? And what should people who — gasp! — don’t even want to watch “Friends” watch on Netflix?

Well, just for those people who need something else to gaze upon, Netflix has also stocked up its January lineup with a handful of new seasons of various TV shows — most importantly the second season of “The Fall” starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan — and a few movies.

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Take a look below at the new titles available for streaming starting in January:

TV Shows

1. ‘Dallas,’ Season 3

Available: Jan. 1

2. ‘White Collar,’ Season 5

Available: Jan. 3

3. ‘Psych,’ Season 8

Available: Jan. 8

4. ‘Z Nation,’ Season 1

Available: Jan. 9

5. ‘Being Human,’ Season 4

Available: Jan. 13

6. ‘Wolfblood,’ Season 3

Available: Jan. 15

7. ‘The Fall,’ Season 2

Available: Jan. 16

8. ‘Beauty & the Beast,’ Season 2

Available: Jan. 28

Notable movies

9. ‘Mean Girls’

Available: Jan. 1

10. ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’

Available: Jan. 1

11. ‘Cast Away’

Available: Jan. 1

12. ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’

Available: Jan. 3

13. ‘Frank’

Available: Jan. 8

14. ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’

Available: Jan. 16

15. ‘Chef’

Available: Jan. 28

Posted by:Casey Rackham