hbo emmys party 2014 gi 13 TV stars reveal their guilty pleasure television obsessionsThe Emmy Awards honor the best of TV, but that’s not all television viewers are watching. There’s also guilty pleasure TV, the shows that we’re all a bit embarrassed to admit we watch but still populate our television screens and DVRs.

That’s why Zap2it thought it would be fun to ask the actors and actresses attending Emmys and the HBO’s Emmy party to find out what their most embarrassing TV obsessions are. Here’s what they had to say:

Dan Bakkedahl, “Veep”

‘Survivor.’ An actor admitting a reality show is one of your favorite shows is an awfully guilty pleasure. I can’t get into any of the mean stuff or any of the crying stuff. ‘Survivor,’ eventually everyone turns into an animal, and so it’s like all bets are off.” 
Cary Fukunaga, “True Detective” director
“I feel like it would be an insult to any TV show I called guilty! I was in Africa for five months and I loved the ‘Vikings’ show. I was like, ‘Should I shave the sides of my hair and go for that look?’ That is an awesome show.
Rico Rodriguez, “Modern Family”
“I love ‘Wipeout.’ It’s a great show.”

Lorraine Toussaint, “Orange Is the New Black” 

“I did this season watch all of ‘Downton Abbey.’ Oh my god. I totally binged. … My daughter, it was one of the things that I allowed her to watch with me. She got addicted, so she and I would be in the bed watching ‘Downton Abbey.'”

Thomas Middleditch, “Silicon Valley”

“I’m not embarrassed: I watch ‘Bachelor In Paradise.’ I love it. It’s insane. It’s like watching a roller coaster of bipolar people. It’s f***ing crazy.”

Zach Woods, “Silicon Valley” 

“I used to love ‘Cash Cab,’ but then I found out that the people on ‘Cash Cab’ aren’t just New York City people hailing cabs. They’ve been pre-arranged, and I’ve never felt so betrayed.”

Noah Matthews, “True Blood”

‘Catfish,’ maybe. I’m sitting, cringing, waiting, like ‘Oh god, what’s going to happen.'” 
Nolan Gould, “Modern Family”
“‘Game of Thrones’ — guilty because it’s very inappropriate and I’m not allowed to watch it. Hopefully my mom doesn’t read this.”
Keith Carradine, “Fargo”
“I’m not sure that I have one. I might have to turn the reins over to my wife on that one. She has a number of guilty pleasures. I’m occasionally forced to sit with her while she’s watching ‘[Here Comes] Honey Boo Boo,’ things like that. Pure escape from whatever life is that’s happening. One of her favorites is ‘Treehouse Masters.’ She loves that. I don’t mind that either because that kind of taps into my boyhood and I made some treehouses when I was a kid. Not so much the ‘Honey Boo Boo.’ I tend to zone out when that one’s on.”

Rob Kazinsky, “True Blood” 

“Two things I’m most ashamed of is I’ve watched every single DC universe or Marvel universe cartoon that is available for streaming, even if it’s for kids. The other thing I’m really obsessed with at the minute is ‘American Ninja Warrior.’

Gregg Daniel, “True Blood” 

“I’m addicted to ’48 Hours,’ I’ll admit it, OK? I am who I am.” 
Mayim Bialik, “The Big Bang Theory”
“I don’t watch TV at all! I don’t have cable. I watch documentaries. I watched ‘Happy,’ about happiness across the world. That was really interesting.”

Weird Al Yankovic 

“Well here’s the thing: I’m not ashamed to admit anything. Bad TV? Why would I watch bad TV? Life is short!”
What is your favorite bad TV guilty pleasure obsession?
Posted by:Terri Schwartz