tv stars tumblr 2 zooey aziz dianna matthew eb TV stars to follow on Tumblr: Zooey Deschanel, Eliza Dushku, Dianna Agron and moreTumblr is gaining momentum behind Facebook and Twitter as a social platform for TV stars to connect with their fans. Users can easily share everything from videos, photos, animated gifs and wordy blog posts in as much time as it takes to publish a tweet or a mobile upload.

And while Twitter is dominated by easily-searchable, competing verified accounts, the celebrity influence on Tumblr is much different (although Lady Gaga‘s Tumblr is still hugely popular, just like her Facebook page and Twitter account). Tumblr-ified television stars often engage their fans in a more visual and irreverent manner, which in many cases allows celebrities to illustrate their passions and project the unconventional — and the truly personal — details of their lives.

For both seasoned Tumblr users and those curious about what goes on in
the Tumblverse, here — in no particular order — are 16 of the best
television stars to follow on Tumblr:

1. Zooey Deschanel
“New Girl” showcases Deschanel in all her vintage-dress-wearing,
indie-cutie glory, and her Tumblr reflects a similar aura: posts about
fashion, music, plenty of “New Girl” promo and posts from her famous
(and/or blogger) friends — like Mindy Kaling, Joseph-Gordon Levitt and
the HelloGiggles team.  

2. Kevin McHale
He plays Artie Abrams on “Glee” by day, but in his spare time McHale tumbls at sickofmyownvoice. Aw, we aren’t sick of your voice just yet, Kevin!

3. Matthew Gray Gubler
Life seems to imitate art perfectly at Gublernation,
where the actor who plays a geeky dreamboat investigator on “Criminal
turns out to be a geeky dreamboat blogger in real life. Gubler
posts photos from the ‘Criminal Minds’ set, original sketches, and even
hosts scavenger hunts (yes — good old fashioned scavenger hunts) for
his followers.

4. Aziz Ansari
Comedian and “Parks and Recreation” star Ansari uses his Tumblr to
post videos of his TV appearances and photos of his daily adventures,
meals and more.

5. Dianna Agron
Ever wonder what “Glee’s” Quinn Fabray is like in real life? Then look
no further than Fell Down the Rabbit Hole, Agron’s Tumblr. The
star uploads tons of links, music videos, puppy pics and more — all of
which provide a thorough glimpse into her tastes, and garner Agron
thousands of Likes, Replies, Reblogs and followers.

6. Harry Shum Jr.
Toss another body onto the “Glee” Tumblr pile: It’s one of our favorites, Harry Shum Jr. (a.k.a. Mike Chang). His Tumblr reveals a big appetite for film and music, along with general adorableness.

6. Anthony Bourdain
The articulate “No Reservations” host and best-selling author’s
verbosity is loud and clear on his Tumblr, which definitely ain’t a
microblog. Check it out for honest and lengthy posts about his latest
trips and episodes.

7. Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale, of “Pretty Little Liars” and “Privileged” fame, is also on
the Tumblr train. She uses her account site to share pictures, viral
videos, and plenty of insight into what inspires her.

8. Donald Glover
“Community” star and musician Glover’s Tumblr is frequently cited
as a must-follow. His hip sensibilities and humor make his Tumblr a
good one to bolster your own coolness: Following him might give you a valuable heads up about the Next Big Thing.

9. Shannon Woodward
Woodward, best known for her roles on “The Riches” and “Raising Hope”
(and for her now-defunct relationship with actor Andrew Garfield) runs a
pretty good Tumblr. Her “Life Lessons Learned” posts are particularly

10. Thomas Gibson
We don’t know whether it was Gibson or his “Criminal Minds”
co-star Matthew Gray Gubler who signed up for Tumblr first, but we do
know that Gibson’s account is hilariously worth following. His recent
feet pic obsession has done wonders to help promote the show’s new
season. Well, maybe not. But it has made his Tumblr a great TV star
account to follow. 

11. James Urbaniak
 Urbaniak is a familiar face (and voice) for his roles on “Weeds,” “The
Venture Bros.”
and “The Office,” to name a few. But he’s also
super socially engaged. His Tumblr account is a treasure trove of viral
content, Twitter screenshots, politics and info on his current and past

12. Kat Graham
On the “The Vampire Diaries” she plays Bonnie Bennett, and on her
Tumblr, Graham makes it a point to post a wealth of TVD-related
posts, pictures and videos galore for her fans. Oh and she’s also a budding pop singer – so there’s plenty of that for the rebloggin’ too.

13. Troian Bellisario
Contrary to her on-screen character, the “Pretty Little Liars” star’s Tumblr reveals more of an artsy flower child. Followers
will see her feed is full of art, poetry and feminine flair. 

14. Amber Riley
“Glee’s”  Riley is straightforward in her Tumblr “About Me”
section: “I never thought I would try blogging, but here I am. I don’t
know what I’ll be posting, but I find this a cool way to kind of
document my life and share a little bit about me.” So far, she’s shared
special insights into episodes, feedback to fans and ‘Glee’ trivia.

15. Eliza Dushku
She might not be up to a whole lot on TV this season, but Eliza is one
of the more well-known actresses on Tumblr. Follow her for tons of photo
uploads from her travels — everything from architecture shots in New
York City to planking pics in Africa.

16. Keegan Allen
Another member of the “Pretty Little Liars” team can be found on Tumblr:
Keegan Allen. The actor (who plays Toby Cavanaugh) on the ABC Family
hit, uses Tumblr to broadcast his interest in design, the arts, and all
things romantic.

Oh and while you’re at it, be sure to follow Zap2It on Tumblr as well!

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady