brett cummins TV weatherman found in bathtub next to dead man in dog collar

TV weathermen are not to be trusted. They have fake weather names like “Storm” and “Raines,” they point to things on a green screen that aren’t even there and essentially they are soothsayers. But in case you needed another reason to mistrust meteorologists, thank Brett Cummins.

33-year-old Brett Cummins is a weatherman for KARK in Arkansas.  Cummins woke up Monday (Sep. 5) morning in a bathtub next to a dead man wearing a dog collar.  

Cummins and his manfriend, Dexter Paul Williams, were “drinking and snorting drugs” according to Christopher Barbour, the gentleman whose bathtub was used for the fateful nap. After shaking Cummins awake, the two discovered Dexter was discolored and not breathing; Barbour then fled the bathroom and vomited in the living room.

KARK briefly reported on the tragedy, stating that “[Cummins] will not be on the air, as he is mourning the loss of his friend.” Friends, please be responsible when using dog collars for recreational purposes.  

Posted by:janderson