crushworthy bosses TV's Most Crushworthy bosses: Steve Carell? Tina Fey? Idris Elba? Vote!UPDATE: Polls are closed in this round, but you can still cast your ballots in the runoff between the top two vote-getters through Monday, Feb. 27.

Pretty much all of us have bosses. If you’ve been lucky in your work life, you’ve had ones you liked, even considered friends.

But these bosses? Well, you might even want to consider them more than friends.

For Zap2it’s TV’s Most Crushworthy bosses, we’ve included a few people who would undoubtedly be great to work for, and a few others whose managerial styles would make working for them absolute torture. But regardless of the way they handle employees, we kind of can’t stop thinking about them.

So vote for your management-level crush below. We’ll announce the winners in each category later this month — and who knows? One of these characters could end up as the Crushworthiest of them all. (Also, don’t forget to vote in all the TV’s Most Crushworthy polls.)

Posted by:Rick Porter